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November 7, 2022

Appodeal SDK 3.0! - 4 Top Reasons to Upgrade!

Appodeal’s 3.0 SDK version is now available for all game developers to download, with plenty of new features: From getting more support with Firebase Analytics to integrating a consent manager that will prevent your app from getting banned from the app store.

We have just released the Appodeal SDK 3.0 stable version! And it comes with lots of new features and improvements.

Over the past months, our engineering team has been optimizing the Appodeal SDK. As the industry evolves and companies merge, we move towards a more transparent and reliable growth platform.

The race for user attention & engagement has recently become more and more challenging. Appodeal SDK 3.0 will help you better grow, analyze and monetize your Apps and Games to your users’ most recent needs and behaviors.

Appodeal’s 3.0 SDK version is now available for all game developers to download, with plenty of new features: From getting more support with Firebase Analytics to integrating a consent manager that will prevent your app from getting banned from the app store.

If you’re still unfamiliar with SDK 3.0, this article will take a quick look at each new aspect to help you better comprehend why you need to upgrade your SDK in this immediate second!

Let’s get started!

Sync. Monetization + UA + Product Data

With downloads and UA spending on the rise, some developers are getting a more challenging time monetizing their apps & games properly.

App users are more educated than ever due to the mass amounts of information they interact with through social media. The result? They now have developed tolerance towards your Ads.

Appodeal SDK 3.0 now includes Firebase, Adjust & Meta Analytics integrated into its core. Users only need to connect their accounts to Appodeal. 

  • Publishers & Developers now can get advanced reports with metrics, such as Forecasted ARPU, ARPDAU, LTV, etc. 
  • Added two highly anticipated interfaces to get callbacks when the SDK is initialized and when an ad revenue for impression is obtained.
  • And several performance & stability improvements, to provide all our users with a seamless, uninterrupted experience.
Appodeal's monetization dashboard overview

Now you can sync all your monetization, UA, and Analytics data in one dashboard to better understand your active UA campaigns. With drag-n-drop reports, you can quickly discover your max profitability sources.

Appodeal's dashboard

So, let’s recap! By syncing all your data with Appodeal’s SDK 3.0 you'll get:

⬆️ customizable metrics to understand your audience behavior,
⬆️ transparency and fair competition,
⬆️ access to become part of our accelerator & funds to promote your games.

Support for Firebase Analytics

Firebase is Google’s solution for mobile app development that provides insights into app usage and user engagement. This platform is packed with features that make it easy for App developers and marketers to build, release, monitor, and engage with their Apps.

Dealing with another growth tool, such as Firebase, can be time-consuming for some developers. This complete analytics service is challenging to manage, especially when running campaigns through several platforms. 

Now, Appodeal supports Firebase Analytics to help you gather all your data in your Appodeal dashboard and manage your resources more efficiently. 

Connecting your Firebase account to Appodeal lets you track your monetization and product metrics by Firebase Keywords. You will also be able to analyze how product A/B test (via Firebase remote configuration) affects both your product & monetization and identify new opportunities to improve.

Integration of Consent Manager in your App

Just a few years ago, App developers and publishers could obtain and monetize their customers’ data in any way they wanted. But In today’s ever-changing gaming industry, privacy laws such as GDPR & CCPA have shaken the mobile ecosystem, and you can no longer gather personal data without users’ consent. 

This SDK also includes several improvements in Appodeal’s Consent Manager integration process, to help publishers avoid getting their apps banned by app stores. 

Now publishers don’t have to worry about its integration. The Consent Manager is now included in Appodeal SDK 3.0. In previous versions, it was distributed as a stand-alone tool. 

With the integration of Consent Manager in your app, you can avoid getting your app banned from the app stores due to these relevant changes in lawful requirements.

The Consent Manager library automatically geo-targets your users and prompts them with the right message at the right time, if needed. The best part? You can customize your consent flow with an appealing message to win your users’ hearts through their data. 

The primary benefit of integrating a consent manager in your app is simple: to help you build a more transparent and trustworthy business, and be less likely to break the law and face millionaire fines

Redesigned to give you a quick and effortless experience, now you can keep your apps fully compliant with GDPR & CCPA laws and the constant changes in the ad-tech industry.  (e.g., iOS 14.5 post-IDFA).

Unity Plugin Overhaul

When creating mobile games, once the design and development phases are completed - it's time to select a monetization strategy to meet your revenue targets. 

For some game developers, integrating their game engine into an attribution platform can become challenging, especially when they are highly skilled in game development but lack time to learn about monetization. 

Appodeal has also heavily reworked its Unity Pluggin, making it now 100% compliant with the UPM (Unity Package Manager).

Appodeal SDK 3.0 is now available as a UPM package.

Appodeal now offers an overhauled integration with Unity to offer a set of new features and functionalities to Unity Developers. With this upgrade, you will experience fewer obstacles and challenges during the SDK 3.0 integration.

What's best? You'll enjoy a transparent, data-proven, and independent alternative to set up your in-app monetization regardless of any merges 😉.

Here's a sneak peek of our new features:

  • Greatly improved the distribution of Appodeal SDK via the Unity Package Manager tool.
  • API fully commented: Working with the Unity plugin inside IDEs now is faster & 100% user-friendly.
  • Demo Scene redesigned: Better & more accessible options to set up your in-app monetization.
  • Test Ads in the Unity Editor: No need to build your project whenever you want to test your ad units.
  • Automated configuration for Attribution Services: Simplified the process of setting up your attribution tools in Unity for both Android & iOS platforms.

Upgrade to Appodeal SDK 3.0!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what we’re planning for this new version of the Appodeal SDK 3.0.

Move to this more convenient version of Appodeal, unlock plenty of new functionalities, and be prepared for future improvements. 

Upgrading to the latest Appodeal SDK will help you stay updated on the latest changes in the ever-changing mobile ad industry and will enable you to better grow, analyze, and monetize your Apps & Games to your users' needs.

Get the latest version of our Appodeal SDK 3.0 here. 

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