All-in-One Data Analytics

Turn your Data into Profits

Monetization Insights

Use your In-App Data to Boost your Ad Income

Revenue Drivers
Ad Performance
User Segmentation
Ad Setup Optimization

Identify your App Revenue Sources

Quickly view your app's total earnings across all sources—ads, in-app purchases, and subscriptions. Analyze all your revenue sources in a glance to find out new growth opportunities.

Measure your Apps' Revenue with Precision

Dive deep into 200+ in-app monetization metrics. Identify your top-performing markets, geos, ad placements, ad formats, and everything else.

Tailor Ad Strategies for All your User Segments

Break down your audience into segments, based on your product life-cycle and teams. A/B test every monetization setup to find out the most effective strategies.

Fully Control your Ad Placements and Impression Frequency

The only growth platform that allows you to optimize every detail of every single ad unit. Use your real app data to boost your monetization without damaging your retention.
User Acquisition Insights

Boost your ROAS and LTV with accurate data

LTV Forecasting
Higher Conversion
Positive ROAS

Forecast your User Lifetime Value with Precision

Discover the lifetime value of your new users and their projected worth. Understand the real value of every UA channel, ad creative, and targeted country.

Identify the Key Conversion Drivers of your App

Gain clarity on the factors behind your app's most successful conversions, from channel performance to creative strategies. Uncover insights that drive top LTV, ROAS, installs, CPI, retention, and more.
Creatives Analysis

Get a Clear Vision of the Gains and Losses of your Ad Spend

Identify in a glance the most effective channels and campaigns, and optimize your ad budget allocation. Ensure every dollar spent contributes to your success.

Locate your Most Valuable UA Source and Channels

Find out the most effective channels and campaigns for acquiring valuable users. Eliminate guesswork and optimize your strategies with data-driven insights.
App Engagement Insights

Delight and Retain More Users with Data to Lead the Way

Cohort Retention
Product A/B Tests

Tracking App Retention Over Time

As your app grows, keep track of retention changes over time, for different user cohorts. Assess your ARPU, generated revenue, and many more metrics beyond session activity.
Retention Rate

User Engagement Metrics at a Glance

Identify any deviations to fix potential issues before they escalate. Access key user engagement indicators—session length, frequency, and daily time spent—all in one place.

Anticipate how Product Changes Affect your Revenue

Before rolling out new updates and applying changes globally, conduct A/B tests to understand potential effects on your financial performance.
Customizable Dashboard

See the Metrics that Matter Most to you in One Spot

Overall App Health
Unified Data
Dashboard Builder
Granular Reports

Your Financial & Usage Metrics at a Glance

Monitor from one single place all your crucial app metrics: profit, revenue, losses, installs, active users, ad spend, ARPU, and more.
Dashboard Overview

Data Integration Simplified with Just a Few Clicks

Easily connect ad network metrics via API (Facebook, Google Ads, etc). Gather all your attribution data from Adjust or AppsFlyer and merge them with Appodeal’s monetization data.

Focus on What's Important: Custom Dashboard Creation

Create a dashboard that reflects your priorities with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Tailor your analytics to focus on the metrics that matter most to you.

Tailored Reporting with 200+ metrics

Easily filter by various dimensions and select the metrics that matter to you, such as eCPM, ad whales, LTVs, retention rates, and more.
Dashboard Reports

Global Partner Networks

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