Mobile App Monetization

Maximize Revenues: Smarter, Faster, and Effortless

Maximize Revenues

Take Full Control. Get Total Transparency.

Top eCPM + High Fillrate = best ARPDAU


A Single SDK to Reach the Top Bidders

Ensure the highest eCPM for your product.


A Unified Platform to Unleash your Growth

Get personalized insights to scale your apps.

A Complete Dashboard with all the Optimization Tools

Put your focus on what really matters and simplify your life.

A Trustworthy Technology Totally Transparent and Unbiased

Take full control of your ad setup, or automatize everything.
In-App Bidding

Let DSPs Compete in a Real-time Unified Auction

Appodeal automatically gathers all the bids and waterfalls and makes all ad demand sources compete in real-time, in a hybrid auction. This way, you always get the highest eCPM.

Top Ad Formats

Ensure the Highest Revenue with High-revenue Ad Formats

Let your users engage with ads any way they want, and get access to all the high-revenue ad formats. Increase your ad revenues without hurting your retention.

✅ Interstitials
✅️ Native Ads
✅️ Banner & MREC
✅ Playable Ads
✅️ Rewarded Videos
✅ Rich Media
Instant payments

Take what’s Yours, Whenever and However you Want

Most ad networks & DSPs pay at Net 60. And that’s after one-month delivering ad impressions… In total, you will wait 90 days for your first payment.

With Appodeal, you can request your payments in advance, however you want, including cryptocurrencies.
Avoid bank credits, high commissions, personal loans, and stop wasting time.
Reinvest your profits faster. Scale your business before your competitors.

We increased +50% ARPDAU, only by disabling one aggressive ad network. Thanks to the advanced setup configuration of Appodeal, we’re now offering a seamless experience to our players

Monetization Manager of NewPubCo

Mediation Management

Optimize Waterfalls Faster and With Ease

Autopilot Ad Setup

Maximize your eCPMs in seconds

  • Turn on Autopilot with one click
  • Decrease the risk of human-mistakes
  • Focus your attention on non-automatizable tasks
  • Rely on historical data to optimize your revenues

Control every detail of your Ad Units

  • Activate or deactivate any Ad Network
  • Manage your hybrid in-app & ad waterfalls
  • Change the frequency of impressions
  • Adapt your ad flow for different user segments
  • A/B test every single detail
Ad Quality

Detect Risky or Competitors’ Apps in your Ad Inventory

Build Custom Rules & Filters

to identify risky and competitor apps

Create Reports of Flagged & Top Ads

to analyze their impact

Improve your UA Efforts

on your competitors best ad creatives
A/B Testing

Tweak Every Parameter, and Craft your Success Formula

Ad Waterfalls Ad Setup In-App Features Retention

Ad Waterfalls

Optimize all your ad networks and sources. Display the best ads in the best location and to the most relevant users.

Ad Setup

Control your most valuable ad placements. Manage price floor, ad frequency, network selection, and all the relevant parameters.

In-App Features

Test in-app features and upgrades on specific devices, apps, and OS. Adjust rewarded video ad rewards, UI/UX and game design parameters, or collect any in-app data using boolean, numeric, and string variables.


Enhance the user experience by testing & customizing ad targeting based on user session details. Set ad experiences based on user demographics, and even limit ads for paying users.
Segments & Placements

Get Higher ARPDAU by Customizing your Ad Experiences


Build custom ad waterfalls tailored to your user behavior & demographics.


Segment users based on in-app specific filters.


Ensure the right ad is served at the right time, to the right audience.


Speed up management with Appodeal preset segments.


Drive higher engagement and revenue.

Reporting Tools

Turn your App's Data Into Profits

Turn data into profits
Like a Business Intelligence tool but much better

Appodeal Reporting Tools Include all the Business Intelligence Features Every Publisher Needs…

but adapted for your specific apps and games

UA Automation Ad Exchange Cross Promotion

Track all your metrics from one single dashboard
Scale your UA campaigns directly from your reports
Gather all your data from your favorite sources
LTV Prediction

Predict your Revenue in 2 Years

LTV at D365

Adjust strategies in advance and ensure a positive CAC ratio.

ROAS Insights

Monitor your ad spend and identify the most effective channels and campaigns.

Creative Analysis

Analyze the creatives of your UA efforts, and identify the most across your preferred KPIs.

Product A/B test

Use A/B testing and LTV tracking to assess how changes can impact your overall revenue.