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Reaching $35 eCPM after a Global Launch

– Newvoy Success

Unveiling how Newvoy Games optimized ad monetization to achieve unprecedented eCPM rates shortly after their global launch.

The Success

In the competitive mobile gaming market, Newvoy Games set a new benchmark on themselves when they joined forces with the Appodeal Growth Platform, and boosted up to $35 their eCPM for rewarded video ads.
eCPM in Rewarded Ads
Ad Impressions
In just a few months after globally launching Cooking Voyage in the App Stores, Newvoy Games rapidly expanded to +1M in-game installs, and served +50M ad impressions.

The Challenge

One of the most valuable goals for Newvoy Games with their new launch was to find a mediation tool that allowed them to integrate as many ad networks as possible, deliver high-quality rewarded video ads (among other types of ads), and be very clear and transparent with the data delivered.
As a brand-new studio, they had limited resources to integrate complex tools. In their search for a monetization tool they can integrate quickly and easily with their app, they came across Appodeal.

The Solution

Newvoy Games avoided creating several ad network accounts. saving the time to integrate dozens of SDKs and keeping them updated. 
Appodeal Growth Platform gave them quick access to deliver high-quality ads from over 70+ top global ad sources.
Easy Integration with Unity
Appodeal is easy to integrate with games developed in Unity, the engine they used to create Cooking Voyage.
No High Ad Bids Left Behind
With one single SDK, Newvoy Games can deliver high-quality rewarded ads from Top ad networks, avoiding the struggle to integrate and maintain several APIs.

The Results

With Appodeal, Newvoy Games swiftly managed multiple ad networks, unified their data analytics, and significantly saved operational time. 
Remarkably, within just three months of global launch, they achieved an impressive $35 eCPM for rewarded video ads on iOS in the US. This feat underlines the effectiveness of Appodeal's mediation platform in optimizing ad revenue for mobile games.
Results 1
Cooking Voyage reinvested the ad revenues and acquired 1M+ installs, a testament to its appeal and the effectiveness of the monetization strategy in sustaining the game's growth trajectory. During the following months, the game delivered over 50 million ad impressions, illustrating the successful ad monetization setup provided by Appodeal.
Results 2
"With Appodeal, we easily set up our ad monetization strategy, and maximized the ad revenue. It’s been particularly helpful, for a start-up like ours, to deliver a successful game."
Yang Lu
Yang Lu
Founder/CEO @ Newvoy Games

Cooking Voyage: Cook & Travel

Newvoy Games
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