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20% ARPDAU increase in CIS Markets

– JagPlay Success

Discover how JagPlay leveraged Appodeal's ad-tech solutions to significantly boost ARPDAU and foster twice the growth compared to the previous year.

The Success

Increasing organic reach by +250% with well-designed promo events

JagPlay, a developer of beloved retro board games, partnered with Appodeal to enhance their ad revenue strategy, achieving a remarkable increase in ARPDAU and overall ad performance.
Growth in CIS Markets

The Challenge

Despite trying various mobile growth platforms, JagPlay struggled to find one that could effectively connect them with local ad networks in Russia and the CIS, crucial for their target market.
While banners traditionally perform well for board games, combining them with full-screen ads and rewarded videos presented an untapped opportunity for maximizing ad revenue.

The Solution

Achieving High Fill Rates

Appodeal's access to major networks, including CIS Market favorites like Yandex and MyTarget, alongside the BidMachine ad exchange, secured high fill rates for JagPlay's games in their key markets.
Convenient payouts
Thanks to an aggregation of ad revenue and a convenient payout system, the JagPlay team was able to save time and focus on the tasks directly related to game development.
Appodeal Support
Timely improvements and advice from the Appodeal team helped JagPlay to monetize their games confidently and maximize their revenue.

The Results

Under the partnership with Appodeal, JagPlay experienced a transformation in its approach to ad monetization, leading to not only a significant +20% increase in ARPDAU but also nearly doubling its active user base in CIS Markets during the course of the collaboration. 
Results 1
The notable increase in ARPDAU signifies not just higher earnings per user but also an enhanced ability to reinvest in user acquisition and further game development.
Results 2
"Appodeal stands out among others with their fast responsive support. Any questions are solved in hours. Their powerful SDK has provided us the tools necessary to successfully manage our ads, with a robust analytics and growth platform."
Vladimir Kuznetsov
Vladimir Kuznetsov
CEO @ JagPlay


Mobile development studio
Jagplay was founded in 2004 and began developing games for the first J2ME-enabled mobile phones. With the release of iOS and Android devices, JagPlay took a course towards the creation and development of retro online board games that we all know since childhood, such as Thousand, Chess, Backgammon, Durak, Burkozel, and others.

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