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Reaching 12x more Organic Users by optimizing the Rating Prompt

– Water Sort Puzzle Success

Discover how the impact of well-timed user prompts on app store ratings can skyrocket user ratings, boost your organic ASO, and fuel your conversion rates.

The Success

The Rating Revolution for 'Water Sort Puzzle: Color Game'

Water Sort Puzzle: Color Game is a prime example of how targeted changes, informed by user behavior data, can significantly improve app ratings, and consequently boost organic installs and even user engagement.
Thanks to the Appodeal growth platform, and the assistance of our Growth Experts, the Water Sort Puzzle achieved a notable increase in app store ratings by optimizing the timing of its rate prompts to coincide with moments of peak user satisfaction.
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This casual, yet mind-bending puzzle game, known for its engaging liquid sorting challenges, has utilized Appodeal's team of experts to captivate and maintain a robust and satisfied player base.

The Challenge

Building a solid reputation and brand image is critical in a saturated mobile gaming market. For this reason, Water Sort Puzzle: Color Game needed to improve its user ratings to stand out and attract more players.
Despite its captivating gameplay and solid player base, the actual game's quality wasn’t shown in the app stores. The rating score and the quality of the players’ reviews were not at their full potential. 
The app analytics revealed a consistent trend; players enjoyed the game but weren't prompted effectively to leave ratings, which led to underrepresentation of the game's quality in the app store.
It was clear that the Water Sort Puzzle needed a new strategy to encourage players to leave better ratings.

The Solution

Appodeal reached out to one of our most trusted ASO experts, Elena Serbanescu, who proposed a complete overhaul of the rating prompt.
First, Water Sort Puzzle needed to display the rating prompt to players at a time when they would likely enjoy the game most. Players are likely to be in a positive mindset and more inclined to provide a favorable rating after winning a game or completing a significant task within the app.
“Some apps may successfully display the prompt early in the user's journey, while others may benefit from showing it later or after an impactful event. Experimenting with different placements can help determine the most effective location for prompting players to rate the app.“
Elena Serbanescu
Elena Serbanescu,
Appodeal trusted ASO Expert
In this case, the rating prompt was placed after players opened the game for the second time. This idea was based on what worked for other apps and Appodeal's industry knowledge.
The technical work done by Appodeal made things simple for players: displayed a prompt that felt timely and unobtrusive.
Screenshot 1
“You've completed the level“ screen
Water Sort Puzzle: Color Game - Screen 2
“Please rate our game“ pop-up
The new strategy also included testing different ad setups to make sure ads didn’t annoy players, balancing making money from ads with keeping players happy. This smart approach helped the game earn more money without losing players’ interest.

The Results

Skyrocketing the App Store Rating and boosting 12x the Organic Discovery

The implementation of Appodeal's solutions brought about a transformative change for Water Sort Puzzle: Color Game.
In the USA and other top-tier markets, the game's average user rating achieved an impressive high of 4.8 stars.
This new rating score played a key role in increasing the game's visibility and organic installs. Higher ratings often lead to better placement in app store search results and recommendations.
One of the most striking outcomes was a 12x increase in app store organic visits, a direct result of the rate prompt optimization. Moreover, the game experienced a +15% increase in the conversion rate of organic visitors in the app stores.
Additionally, when analyzing the retention KPIs, we also noticed that new players were more likely to have longer user sessions, and their retention rates increased over time.
Everything indicates that the overall user experience was positive and that the initial engagement through the optimized rating prompt contributed to a lasting positive impression.
“By working closely with the development team, we can tailor the rating prompt flow to align with the app's user experience and maximize the likelihood of receiving positive ratings.“
Elena Serbanescu
Elena Serbanescu,
Appodeal trusted ASO Expert
Water Sort Puzzle: Color Game

Water Sort Puzzle:
Color Game

Water Sort Puzzle is a fun and addictive puzzle game! Try to sort the colored water in the glasses until all colors in the same glass. A challenging yet relaxing game to exercise your brain!

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