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How to Understand your Mobile Business Performance?

Appodeal’s Overview Dashboard I can make sure that my business performance and my mobile apps are growing

Let’s talk about one of the major problems all Mobile Developers & Publishers usually have: understanding Mobile Business Performance.

Scaling a mobile app or game is difficult when you can’t understand whether it’s flourishing or sinking down. This is why I use Appodeal to check my entire business performance daily

The Overview Dashboard helps me to find out:

  • The profitability of my apps,
  • How much money I’m spending on User Acquisition,
  • My current revenue
  • And forecasts on how much money I can earn in the future

With Appodeal’s Overview Dashboard I can make sure that my business and my mobile apps are growing —  in a matter of minutes. And you can do that too.

All the data you will find in the Overview Dashboard comes from your sources:

  1. The Appodeal SDK 
  2. Your attribution platforms such as Appsflyer or Adjust
  3. And Firebase. 

You can also filter all your data by apps, ad units, channels, countries, and time-frames to dive deeper into details of your business performance. 

And the best part: everything is updated and recalculated every day. This way, as you keep feeding Appodeal with more data, your forecasts and predictions are becoming more accurate.

The Overview Dashboard. Know your business vitals.

It’s simple, it’s fast, and it’s in Appodeal.

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Marc Llobet
Product Marketing & Growth @ Appodeal
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Marc Llobet