October 5, 2020

Top 5 New Features to Grow your Mobile Games and Apps

Let's start unveiling some of the new features and upgrades that are around the corner, and, most importantly, how you are going to benefit from them.

In 2020, the Mobile Ad Industry has been suffering many changes: Apple's IDFA deprecation, Facebook forcing you to change your business account (or even create new ones), your app's metrics affected by COVID-19, the economic conjuncture with top world countries…

At Appodeal, we have been adapting to these new circumstances. Our technical department has been setting up new growth and monetization features that are completely aligned with changes in the mobile industry. We work hard every day to improve ourselves, with only one goal in our minds (as it always has been): to empower small and indie developers like you.

In the next few weeks, we are going to disclose in full detail all the upgrades we have been preparing for you. But right now, in this article, we decided to throw some light on what we have been working on. Let's start unveiling some of the new features and upgrades that are around the corner, and, most importantly, how you are going to benefit from them.

Are you already monetizing with Appodeal? Or maybe you are looking for a mobile growth platform to improve your App Monetization and boost your business? In both cases, keep reading.

Empowering Indie Devs: New Dashboard with all the features you need to Grow

Big companies have their proprietary data processing centers, along with a team of data analysts working full-time to research new ways to drive revenue. On the other side, Mobile App & Game Developers have always had a hard time to collect all their data, cross it together, and draw meaningful & actionable conclusions from their games.

We decided to help you against this huge competitive disadvantage and empower Indie Devs like you.

For that, we have created the Appodeal App Intelligence. This tool, completely available for free to all the developers and publishers registered to Appodeal, allows you to connect all your disparate data and find insights to grow your game.

Gathering in your dashboard all your app’s monetization, user acquisition, and attribution data allows you to identify business opportunities completely hidden in your data.

With the Appodeal App Intelligence Tool, now you’re able to recognize your top features, how users interact with them, increase your most valuable metrics and retention rates, improve your income, and much more.

Once you align all your data sources, you will boost specific areas of your Marketing strategy will be particularly benefited. You can focus your efforts on UA campaigns that bring you quality users and positive ROAS (Return Of Ad Spending); enhance in-game features that expand your monetization; or even reduce the complexity of your app and engage with your users more naturally.

Soon, we will create a dedicated post about our Appodeal App Intelligence, the new Dashboard update, and the date of the official release for all our partners.

Launch your Games: You keep the ownership of your games, we make them grow!

Nowadays, Indie & Game developers have hundreds of online resources, guidelines from the app stores. But still, with all those fierce competitors, self-publishing a game with success is not an easy task. It costs money, takes time, and requires courage.

On the other side, "traditional" Publishers usually ask for your IP rights, a considerable share of the revenue, and adapt you to their timelines… you have to surrender your creative freedom, your project, your kids, your wife, and your soul.

At Appodeal, we put an end to this, so you can finally Self Publish your games with more confidence.

By using Appodeal’s tools now you get the best of the two worlds.

Appodeal takes into consideration the ROI & retention metrics of your game, and we help you optimize it for the best results. This way, you can launch your mobile apps at your own pace, after testing and soft launching phases, while you get the most of our vast experience and knowledge.

From your Dashboard, you can access a pool of data and analytics that will help you grow your game. Detect at any moment, which are the most relevant metrics & KPIs for your type of game, and get valuable insights on making the next steps on your app's growth. 

With Appodeal's Self-Publishing friendly tools, you get to keep the ownership of your creation while still getting all advantages that you would get from a TOP Publisher. Launch your game using high-class technologies and an extensive list of resources and contacts. 

  • Take care of your Ad Monetization with our automated algorithm or manually setting it up.
  • Acquire new users directly through Facebook, Google or your most effective channels.
  • Watch the results of your UA & Marketing strategy in your dashboard
  • Connect your metrics to power up your App Monetization performance.
  • And even get advanced payments from our platform!

We bring you all the tools you need and you decide what to use according to your needs. 

And, all of that, while you still get to keep the ownership of your game and its IP rights.

Full Growth Service: Join our Accelerator Program & fuel your User Acquisition

For those apps that decide to Self-Publish using Appodeal’s tools, we have set up an Accelerator Program that gives an extra boost to your current efforts. 

Games selected in the Accelerator Program have dedicated User Acquisition budgets and teams that provide extra monetization guidance and create marketing assets, ad creatives, and personalized insights. Get exclusive access to best practices, processes that publishers use, and extensive feedback & insights give you an unparalleled advantage over your competitors. 

Appodeal's Accelerator Program is just a few months old, and we have already received over a thousand applications!

The answer has never been more evident for indie and game developers. To Self-Publish your games with Appodeal is a winning choice for both parties.

You can keep your game ownership, your creative freedom, choose your deadlines, and take pride in self-launching your game. And at the same time, benefit from all the perks of partnering with an experienced Mobile Monetization organization that will get your games to the top of the charts.

Your app, your choice! You develop. You publish. You win.

Take control or Automate: Decide your Ad Monetization Strategy

From your Appodeal Dashboard, you can easily control your Ad Demand preferences.

Most of the Mobile Developers work between 15 and 18 ad networks/exchanges. Integrating each SDK from all those ad networks consumes many resources, it limits your options, may decrease your overall revenue, and will definitely impact the user performance.

Appodeal Ad Mediation Platform will manage requests from all your Ad Networks into one single destination. Our SDK makes your app lighter and easier to use, you get more traffic, always securing the highest earnings, keeping all your data in one place, and ensuring that you reach your goals.

In your Monetization Platform, you will find many resources to help you stay in control of your Ad Strategy. Suppose you have the time to spare or a dedicated team. In that case, you can manually optimize your Ad Waterfall, can execute direct deals with other publishers, and take full control of your Monetization.

However, to nurture long-term relationships and consistently track valuable opportunities for your business can be tedious.

For independent studios or mobile startups, we have set our engineers to work in automatic optimization tools for you.

Benefit from all our expertise in the digital advertising industry, and we are ready to grow your apps. You can count on our team of skilled account managers to receive guidance in ad format & ad network selection, tips on how to place your ads, ideas for rewarded videos, advice on most useful metrics to check up, and keep you tuned on the latest trends.

100% Unbiased & Transparent: We are Data-Driven and Results-Achievers

Mobile advertising space is continually changing, with new players emerging, but it's good to know how long your partner has been in business and what he has to offer. 

In Appodeal, we have always been focused on empowering small developers and indie devs by providing tools that are completely adapted to your needs

While most of the tools provide confusing or ambiguous high-level aggregated data, our partners have always relied on us to receive unbiased and transparent metrics. Based on factual reports extracted directly from your user's behavior, you can still make better-informed decisions.

You can pull custom retention & revenue data from your user cohorts and use it to improve your customers' ROIs (return of investment) and improve your overall user LTV (lifetime value). Or run A/B tests to discover which waterfalls are more successful for your app, which drives the highest revenue, or even learn how your associated Ad Networks impact your user's retention.

Since Appodeal was launched in early 2015 as one of the first intelligent ad mediation solutions, we have been dedicated to building an all-inclusive platform, with all the features you need to keep growing your mobile apps and games.

Let's say you want to learn how to monetize and grow your game better. Here is where Appodeal's expertise shines: with an all-in-one growth solution that includes in-depth ad analytics, in-app bidding solutions, user acquisition services, and plenty more features that have already delivered astonishing results for developers worldwide.

With Appodeal, you only need to integrate a single SDK to get access to your platform to control all your growth needs – a place where you can monetize and escalate your apps.

Our ultimate goal is to allow mobile devs like you to acquire increased transparency for requests and ultimately boost your revenue

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Main illustration: Natasha Dzhola