November 8, 2021

Monetize in Flutter Framework, now with Appodeal!

Developers working with Flutter can now monetize their apps & games, with all the features and benefits of Appodeal!

Great news for all the developers that are using Flutter as their UI Framework. Now you can monetize your apps with the Appodeal SDK!

The amazing guys in our dev team have just released a new plugin that adds compatibility with Flutter. Here you can find all the Integration Guidelines & Packages that you need for your next big project.

Just one SDK integration is all you need for unlimited ad revenue. After that, you will be able to reach over 70 top global ad demand partners, get the highest revenues, and boost your apps’ growth. 

If it’s your first time with Appodeal, here you can check all the growth features that Appodeal offers you!

What is Flutter?

Flutter is Google’s portable UI toolkit that allows developers to build, among other platforms, mobile apps that run on both Android and iOS. An Open Source project built with C, C++, Dart, and Skia, that speeds app development and reduces the cost and complexity of app production across platforms.

From highly branded designs to pixel-perfect experiences, Flutter uses its own high-performance rendering engine to draw widgets. This framework is designed to be layered and customizable: feel free to create your own widgets or customize the existing widgets.

Dev teams already familiar with object-oriented concepts can now integrate a full-stack monetization SDK. From new apps to top global hits, our one-stop growth engine has all the features your apps need at every stage of success.

Ad Types you can Monetize in Flutter

After you integrate the Appodeal SDK & the compatibility plugin with Flutter, you’ll be able to integrate all your desired Ad Units.

Diversify your ad experience with rewarded videos, full-screen ads, playable ads, native ads, and banner ads.


Interstitial ads are full-screen advertisements. In Appodeal, we divide them into:

  1. static interstitial - static full-screen banners
  2. video interstitial - videos that the user can close 5 seconds after the start of viewing

Both types of ads are requested in parallel when caching and will be shown to be the most expensive of the two.

Rewarded video

Those are user-initiated ads where users can earn in-app rewards in exchange for viewing a video ad.

For developers who need more control of Rewarded video ads loading, with the Appodeal SDK they can use manual caching. This feature can improve your display rate or decrease SDK loads when several ad types are cached.

You can also set up Predicted eCPM, which allows you to return the expected eCPM for a cached ad. The eCPM is calculated based on historical data for the current ad unit.


Banner ads are the classic static format we all know (and love). Banners are usually located at the bottom or top of the screen, and they can be adjusted to the size and orientation of the device.

You can display only one banner on the screen. Also, be aware that if the loaded ad can’t be shown for a specific placement, nothing will be shown. 


MREC is an abbreviation for "medium rectangle" ads. Unlike interstitial ads, MREC ads do not require a fullscreen view.

Similar to banner ads, MREC video ads are rectangular ads occupying a location anywhere within the app's layout, typically displayed on the top or bottom of the screen, so that the user can continue to interact with the app while the ad is playing.

The container size to render an MREC ad is the industry standard: 300x250.

Consent Manager with Flutter: GDPR, CCPA, COPA, iOS ATT…

Appodeal makes it easy for you to comply with all the privacy laws and regulations of the mobile ad-tech industry.

When you integrate the Appodeal SDK & compatibility plugin with Flutter, you’ll get access to our Stack Consent Manager. This is a ready-made solution that allows you to collect explicit user consent in the regions covered by GDPR and CCPA.

This way, you will allow Appodeal and our ad providers to deliver ads that are more relevant to your users, and get higher eCPMs.

Stack Consent Manager comes with a pre-made consent window that you can easily present to your users. That means you no longer need to create your own consent window.

Also, if your app is designed for kids, in order to comply with COPA, you can disable sending user data to ad networks.

What about iOS 14.5 & ATT Framework?

Since iOS 14.5, IDFA has been unavailable unless your app calls the (ATT) App Tracking Transparency framework to collect the user’s authorization. When mobile apps don’t present this request, the IDFA will automatically be zeroed out which may lead to a significant loss in ad revenue.

However, Stack Consent Manager framework is already included by default in your project, you won’t need to do any additional steps. The authorization request will be shown for users under iOS 14.5.

Next steps after you set up your Monetization in Flutter?

If you’ve already integrated the Appodeal SDK with Flutter, and your mobile app is sending ad impressions, then congratulations! You’re one step closer to becoming a top-earning hit!

Appodeal is much more than an Ad Mediation tool. In your Appodeal Dashboard you will find other top-level services, such as Growth Intelligence. This is a unique tool that combines User Acquisition, Monetization, and Product analytics onto a single dashboard that will help you make real-time decisions to help grow and market your app.

Build customizable cohorts, boost product improvements, UA events, and forecast LTV on the Appodeal platform.

And for those apps that have already gotten decent metrics, you may want to check our Accelerator Program. Get funds and investment to launch your games to new markets, rely on a dedicated team of UA, Monetization & ASO Managers, and forget to produce ad creatives. 

The Accelerator Program brings you all the benefits of a big publisher while staying independent and keeping 100% of your intellectual property.

Do not miss this opportunity and take advantage of all the features and benefits Appodeal offers you. Integrate Appodeal SDK to your mobile app, along with the Flutter plugin, and monetize right away!

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