The Mobile eCPM Report: In-App Ad Monetization Worldwide [Updated in July 2023]

Updated on July 4th, 2023.

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Summary - Updated on July 2023:

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Rewarded Video Ads eCPM in Mobile Apps & Games

  • The United States maintains a firm lead in both iOS and Android platforms. For iOS rewarded ads, eCPM values began at $20.50 in March, then experienced a slight dip in April and May, falling to $19.93 and $17.53, before recovering slightly in June to $17.84. The Android platform in the US showed a steady upward trend, starting at $18.40 in March and climbing each month to reach a peak of $19.21 in June.
  • Asia continues to be a formidable player, particularly in the iOS market. Japan kicked off with an eCPM of $18.50 in March and experienced a dip in April and May, falling to $16.93 and $13.69, respectively, before climbing back to $14.97 in June. South Korea saw a similar trend, starting at a robust $18.74 in March before declining in April to $15.88, slightly recovering in May at $17.38, and ending the period at $17.12 in June.
  • Germany on iOS devices showed less fluctuation than its Asian counterparts, starting at $10.22 in March, slightly decreasing over the months, and finishing at $9.03 in June.
  • In emerging markets, iOS consistently outperforms Android. Saudi Arabia exemplifies this trend, with iOS eCPMs starting at a high $15.12 in March and ending at a respectable $12.31 in June. Although lower, Android eCPMs in Saudi Arabia show a steadier trend, hovering around $3.18 - $4.07 during the same period.
  • India, a key emerging market, displays a declining trend on the iOS platform, with eCPMs falling from $3.17 in March to $2.85 in May before slightly recovering to $3.12 in June. However, the Android platform in India remained steady, with minimal fluctuation around $1.10 - $1.22.
  • South Africa's Android platform showed promising consistency, with eCPM values remaining around $2.41 - $2.74 from March to June, suggesting stability in this region's Android market.

Full-Screen Ads eCPM in Mobile Apps & Games

  • The United States still leads on iOS and Android platforms in the Full-Screen Ads or Interstitials segment. For iOS, the eCPM for interstitial ads started at $14.02 in March and dipped slightly in April to $13.73 before bouncing back and increasing steadily, finishing at $15.30 in June. On the Android platform, the US had a relatively steady performance with slight variations, starting at $15.02 in March, and experiencing a slight dip to $14.65 in June.
  • Amongst the mature markets, we observe the highest rise in the United Kingdom, where iOS eCPMs rose from $7.97 in March to $9.62 in June. Similarly, Canada and Australia also showed an upward trend, with Canada reaching $7.98 in June and Australia peaking at $11.72 in the same month. In contrast, these countries saw a slight decrease or remained stable on the Android platform.
  • Asian markets, including Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea, demonstrated variability. For iOS, Japan's eCPM started at $9.45 in March, dipped to $8.25 in May, and slightly rose to $8.70 in June. Taiwan saw a steady decrease from $11.12 in March to $9.74 in June, while South Korea had a more stable trend around the $8-$9 range. On Android, these countries showed a decline in eCPM over the months, with Japan falling from $6.94 in March to $7.25 in June, Taiwan dropping from $7.71 to $6.56, and South Korea decreasing from $10.33 to $10.09.
  • In emerging markets, eCPM for Interstitial Ads on iOS and Android platforms showed mixed trends. In Saudi Arabia, iOS eCPMs started at a strong $8.26 in March, dipped in April and May, and rebounded to $7.76 in June. Android eCPMs followed a similar path, decreasing from $3.78 in March to $3.57 in June. In contrast, Brazil's eCPM for iOS demonstrated an upward trend, starting at $4.23 in March and peaking at $4.86 in June.
  • India's eCPM values for Interstitial Ads showed a decrease across both platforms. On iOS, it dropped from $1.78 in March to $1.32 in June; on Android, it dropped from $1.04 in March to $0.98 in June.
  • South Africa's Android platform displayed a relatively consistent eCPM of around $2.5, suggesting a stable Android market in this region.

Banner Ads eCPM in Mobile Apps & Games

On the iOS platform:

  • The United States again leads the eCPM rates for Banner Ads. Starting at $0.32 in March, there's a gradual increase, and it finishes strong at $0.42 in June. This steady rise indicates the growing effectiveness and value of Banner Ads for this region. Similarly, in June, Canada and Australia showed a rising trend, with eCPMs reaching $0.33 and $0.35, respectively.
  • A slight but steady rise can be observed from March to June for the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. The highest increase is in the United Kingdom, where eCPM rose from $0.16 to $0.22. Interestingly, the Asian markets of Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea display a relatively stable trend on iOS.
  • In emerging markets such as Russia, Poland, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, India, the Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, and South Africa, iOS eCPMs have remained relatively stable. However, Brazil slightly increased from $0.14 in March to $0.15 in June.

On the Android platform

  • The eCPM values show a slightly different pattern. While the United States continues to lead, starting at $0.79 in March and reaching $0.84 in June, the increase is not as pronounced as on iOS. Canada and Australia fluctuated slightly but remained stable, with final values of $0.48 and $0.48, respectively.
  • Germany experienced the most notable increase in mature markets, with its eCPM value rising from $0.25 to $0.29 from March to June. In contrast, Asian markets experienced a slight decrease in eCPM, especially Taiwan, which fell from $0.27 to $0.19 over the same period.
  • In the emerging markets on Android, a fairly stable trend was observed. Russia and Saudi Arabia slightly fluctuated but ended up at the same eCPM as in March, which were $0.31 and $0.32, respectively. In contrast, India maintained a consistently low eCPM, around $0.07-$0.09, the lowest amongst the countries listed.
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About the Data Source of the Mobile eCPM Report

It's easy to discuss bringing transparency into the nebulous mobile ad world. But in general, it's always better to show than tell.

Appodeal Growth Platform, among other services, helps mobile app publishers and developers monetize their apps by making over 70 ad demand sources compete for each ad impression.

Our algorithm then evaluates all the ad bids and serves the ad with the highest bid.

The Mobile eCPM Report represents the average eCPMs from billions of ad impressions served during the analyzed period for each country worldwide where we have significant impressions data. It focuses primarily on our top 3 ad formats (rewarded videos, full-screen ads, and banner ads), broken down by iOS and Android.  

Check out our annual Mobile eCPM Performance Index Report for a deeper report. A +50 page-long document where we dive deep into the industry data. You will find a detailed analysis, split for each top-grossing Market, and rankings for Ad Networks, Ad Types, and more.

We hope mobile app publishers and developers will find this quarterly Mobile eCPM Report useful as a benchmark for your app's ad revenue and for gaining a fuller understanding of earning potentials worldwide as your app grows.

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2023 Q1 - Historic of Mobile eCPM Report

Click to view the Mobile eCPM Report for 23Q1.

Key Insights of Rewarded Video Ads

  • The United States is leading the pack. In December, the eCPM for Rewarded Ads on iOS devices in the US was $21.49, and it remained strong through March at $20.50. In contrast, the eCPM for Rewarded Ads on Android devices in the US started at $18.36 in December and reached $18.40 in March.
  • Japan and South Korea show impressive eCPM values for iOS devices, with Japan slightly dropping in February ($17.46) before recovering in March ($18.50). South Korea peaked in January at $21.65, followed by a steady decline to $18.74 in March.
  • Germany experienced the most significant fluctuation in eCPM values for iOS devices, dropping from $11.25 in December to $9.88 in February before bouncing back to $10.22 in March.
  • In emerging markets, iOS eCPMs generally outperformed Android eCPMs. However, the gap between the two platforms is smaller than in mature markets. In Saudi Arabia, eCPM values for Rewarded Ads on iOS devices experienced significant growth, from $12.06 in December to a peak of $15.12 in March. Android eCPMs in Saudi Arabia also saw an upward trend, reaching $4.07 in March.
  • South Africa's eCPM for Rewarded Ads on Android devices remained relatively stable, fluctuating between $2.65 in December and $2.41 in March. This contrasts with more significant fluctuations seen in countries like Russia and Poland.

Key Insights of Full-Screen Ads

  • The United States consistently leads, with eCPM values rising from $14.89 in December 2022 to $14.02 in March 2023. In the same period, other mature countries also experienced growth, such as Australia, which saw an increase from $10.84 to $12.19.
  • The United Kingdom and Germany demonstrated steady eCPM growth on iOS devices. The UK's eCPM increased from $7.69 in December 2022 to $7.97 in March 2023, while Germany's eCPM values rose from $7.18 to $7.27. However, these countries experienced lower eCPM values on Android devices, with the UK's eCPM increasing from $6.43 to $6.01; and Germany's eCPM rising from $5.24 to $4.95.
  • Saudi Arabia stands out with significant growth in eCPM values for Interstitial Ads on iOS devices, starting at $7.61 in December 2022 and peaking at $8.26 in March 2023. The eCPM for Android devices in Saudi Arabia also displayed a similar upward trend, reaching $3.78 in March 2023.
  • South Africa experienced fluctuations in eCPM values for Interstitial Ads on iOS and Android devices. On iOS devices, the eCPM dropped from $3.80 in December 2022 to $2.45 in February 2023 before rebounding to $3.31 in March 2023. Meanwhile, Android eCPMs increased from $3.38 in December 2022 to $2.72 in March 2023.

Key Insights of Banner Ads

  • eCPM values for Banner Ads on iOS devices are generally lower than those on Android devices. In the United States, eCPM values increased from $0.40 in December 2022 to $0.32 in March 2023. Simultaneously, other mature countries, such as Canada, experienced slight fluctuations or increases, which saw eCPM values rise from $0.31 to $0.27.
  • eCPM values for Banner Ads on Android devices trended upward, with the United States showing the most substantial increase, from $0.88 in December 2022 to $0.79 in March 2023. Other countries, such as the United Kingdom and Germany, also exhibited growth in eCPM values, reaching $0.29 and $0.25, respectively.
  • Russia displayed a noticeable increase in eCPM values for Banner Ads on iOS devices, moving from $0.32 in December 2022 to $0.34 in March 2023. Meanwhile, eCPM values for Android devices in Russia significantly increased, from $0.22 in December 2022 to $0.31 in March 2023.

2022 Q4 - Historic of Mobile eCPM Report

Click to view the New 3-Page design of the Mobile eCPM Report. Now featuring ten new countries in our monthly report! Check the 'worldwide map' and the 'monthly evolution charts' of 2022 Q3 for both iOS & Android platforms.

Key Insights of Rewarded Video Ads

  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM on iOS: By the end of the quarter, the USA suffered a decrease in eCPMs by 25% of their initial value. We can see a common pattern in mature markets, rising during the first months of the quarter to finally stabilize when December arrives. In emerging markets, things seem to have stabilized more, except for Turkey's eCPM, which saw a high rise by the end of the quarter, and South Africa's eCPMs, which fell by the end.
  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM on Android: The charts tell a different story on this platform. The USA gets a first punch by the beginning of the quarter, only to get back on its feet again as time passes. Asian countries such as South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan seem unstoppable, getting one of the highest eCPMs worldwide.

Key Insights of Full-Screen Ads

  • Full-screen ad eCPM on iOS: The USA remains the king in eCPMs, rising from $9 to almost $10 by the EOQ. The rest of the mature markets seem to wobble between $4 to $7 eCPM, showing stable patterns over the months. In emerging markets, some countries such as Russia, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia have more fluctuations in their eCPMs, most of them being between the $2 to $3.5 values. It stands out how France, a historically considered mature market has eCPM values closer to emerging countries for this last quarter of 2022.
  • Full-screen ad eCPM on Android: The patterns repeat from iOS to Android. Australia closely follows the USA at the top of the chart. The rest of the mature countries seem to roam between $4 to $6, with a few exceptions, such as France, Germany, or even UK, that are below those values. In Emerging markets, Saudi Arabia has seen the most impressive jump during November '22, while the rest of the countries have been somewhat more stable, following the trend of getting a bump during November and slightly decreasing by December 2022.

Key Insights of Banner Ads

  • Banner ad eCPM on iOS: Australia breaks a record for the last quarter of 2022 by almost reaching the $30 eCPM in November, which is, in some cases, even triple of other eCPMs in mature markets. Another country that stands out is Russia, which reaches an average of $0.20 eCPM, as high as the USA and other mature markets. It is also remarkable the big fall of some mature and emerging markets, such as the UK or Brazil eCPMs from November $0.17 to December $0.12; followed by Germany or Mexico, which also seem to decrease by around 20% or even 30% of its value.
  • Banner ad eCPM on Android: Canada rocketed during December '22, being the only country that surpasses the $1 eCPM in banner ads. The USA closely follows during most of the quarter except for December, when it seems to deflate, following a similar trend as the UK, Germany, and other European countries. Australia, México, and Saudi Arabia seem to follow a similar trend described by Canada, starting with modest eCPMs during October and later rising as the quarter continues.

2022 Q3 - Historic of Mobile eCPM Report

Key Insights of Rewarded Video Ads

  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM Decrease: The eCPMs have substantially decreased in the last six months. The Top-1 position in iOS was $12.90 (Japan) in the first quarter of 2022, while now it's below the $10 threshold. And we can observe the same with Android. Six months ago, the USA had $13 eCPM, while now it is around $7. And the trend on Android seems to indicate that it can keep falling.
  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM on iOS: The USA is in the first position. We also have a new contender for the second position, Taiwan, with an impressive $9.71 eCPM that has left other big countries (Australia, Japan, UK), way behind). It is also remarkable that New Zealand, Norway & Singapore are in the top 10 positions.
  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM on Android: The USA & Australia were top in the previous quarter. However, South Korea has placed in the top-1 position, with a booming $8.10 eCPM, way higher than any other following countries. It stands out that other East Asian countries such as Taiwan, Japan & Hong Kong are also becoming very competitive in that area.

Key Insights of Full-Screen Ads

  • Full-screen ad eCPM Stability: Interstitials seem way more stable in contraposition with the previous ad type (Rewarded Video Ads). The USA's eCPM at the beginning of 2022 was close to the current value, $8.6. However, other mature countries like Japan, Australia, the UK, and Canada have suffered a slight decrease. Emerging markets such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil have seen a positive trend this 2022 Q3.
  • Full-screen ad eCPM on iOS: The USA remains the king of the charts, followed by some mature markets & emerging countries too. Some middle-east countries have eye-catching eCPMs, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Full-screen ad eCPM on Android: The eCPMs in Android devices have seen better days. While the top-position countries stand their ground, some emerging countries have scaled up, such as Puerto Rico, Israel, and Singapore. The monthly evolution charts show downward patterns in mature markets, while eCPMs seem more stable in emerging countries.

Key Insights of Banner Ads

  • Banner ad eCPM on iOS: Top countries seem stable, with upward trends on the month-over-month charts. However, when comparing the eCPMs of this quarter with the values of six months ago, we can see that most mature countries, such as the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK, have suffered a considerable decrease.
  • Banner ad eCPM on Android: eCPMs look brighter on this platform. The trends in some countries, like the USA or Canada, are blooming. Also, when comparing their eCPMs with previous quarters, we can see a notable increase of up to +20%. The top-countries chart also has some remarkable redistribution. South Africa is in the top 10, and Mexico has entered the top 20.
  • Banner ad eCPM in abnormalities: The drastic changes in the politics of certain countries can highly affect their eCPMs in mobile apps & games. Fluctuations in the local currency and engagement & monetization metrics (such as impression volume and ARPU) can inflate metrics. Therefore, one should take the stratospheric ups and downs of eCPMs with a grain of salt.
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2022 Q2 - Historic of Mobile eCPM Report

Key Insights of Rewarded Video Ads

  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM on iOS: The USA keeps losing positions in the top charts. In the second quarter of 2022, it was placed 3rd, right below Japan & Australia. It is also surprising to see how emerging countries such as Taiwan, South Korea, UAE & Kuwait are booming in this segment.
  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM on Android: While the USA & Australia are in the top positions, they are closely followed by East Asian countries. European countries such as the UK, Sweden, Germany & France have lost positions in the top ranks, and their eCPM has fallen.
  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM in Russia: eCPMs in Russia and CIS markets have suffered a gradual recovery during the 2022 Q2. In March, the eCPM plummeted by half on iOS and Android. But as the months passed, they recovered the eCPM quickly recovered, and by May, it was back on its feet.
  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM in Mature Markets: The USA, Japan, the UK, and many mature countries have plummeted since March. Australia seems to be one of the few with a positive eCPM trend until June, which plummeted below their March levels on iOS and Android.

Key Insights of Full-Screen Ads

  • Full-screen ad eCPM on iOS: Compared to the previous quarter, we can observe that the eCPM in all countries has increased not only on the top charts but also on the bottom of the eCPM. In the 20th position, Saudi Arabia is now $3.33, while a few months ago, it was around $2.50.
  • Full-screen ad eCPM on Android: Overall, the eCPM in mature markets has experienced, for both iOS & Android, a positive trend up until May. Countries like the US & UK were able to keep a stable eCPM. And the same could be said for some of the countries in emerging markets too.

Key Insights of Banner Ads

  • Banner ad eCPM on iOS: Last quarter, we already observed how emerging markets had been steadily increasing their eCPMs, and getting closer to the levels of mature markets. This quarter, we can say that David has already surpassed the Goliath markets in the industry. While some mature countries, such as Japan, plummeted, emerging markets like Russia, Brazil, and Norway have bloomed.
  • Banner ad eCPM on Android: The predominance of the USA eCPM in Android banners is not easy to reach, and its value, month after month, keeps slowly but steadily growing. Everything seems stable for the rest of the markets, as if nothing has changed for the last three months.
  • Banner ad eCPM in Russia: Russia has experienced one of the most amazing quarters in years for iOS devices and almost doubled its eCPM compared to March. And the same for Android devices too. Also, this June, the eCPM surpassed the USA, putting Russia in the Top #1 position in the iOS charts.

2022 Q1 - Historic of Mobile eCPM Report

Key Insights of Rewarded Video Ads

  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM on iOS: ECPMs fall after Christmas sales every year. While most of the mature markets follow a similar pattern, it is outstanding how Japan's eCPMs have suffered a high jump during this last month of March, positioning almost as high as the USA in the top charts. Following a completely different pattern, emerging markets such as China or Brazil seem not to have suffered from the Christmas sales aftermath.
  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM on Android: Christmas sales equally affects mature and emerging markets on Android, with a few small differences. We can see how eCPMs are slightly more stable and don't tend to fall as much as their competitor platform, iOS. Surprisingly, Japan's eCPMs have gone in the opposite direction and, instead of increasing, they have fallen during the last month of March.
  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM in Russia: eCPMs in Russia and CIS markets have fallen by half in iOS, and even more in iOS during March. That is mostly due to the fluctuations in the country's economy and geopolitical movement. However, if the previous chart were in their local currencies, we could see that their eCPMs are stable.
  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM in Asia: eCPMs in Asian countries are blooming more than ever, and we may expect to keep growing for the rest of the year. It is highly remarkable that Japan, for the first time, has surpassed the average eCPM of the USA this 2022 Q1 in iOS. Also, the eCPMs in markets such as South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and many more are through the roof.

Key Insights of Full-Screen Ads

  • Full-screen ad eCPM on iOS: We can see the same post-Christmas sales downfall as we already commented on the Rewarded Video Ads section. Even the high rise of Japan's eCPMs during March. One big difference, though, is that after December eCPMs have had a flat trend since January on Mature Markets. Also, this ad format seems not to have affected Christmas sales in China.
  • Full-screen ad eCPM on Android: The same that we have already said for Rewarded Video Ads can be applied to Full-Screen Ads. One notable difference is that Japan's eCPM, in this case, has not fallen during March and has been way more stable.

Key Insights of Banner Ads

  • Banner ad eCPM on iOS: Historically, eCPMs in mature markets have always been higher than in emerging markets. However, this seems to be slowly changing in iOS. Mobile app creators relying heavily on banner ads may find this pattern a good incentive to test other ad formats that bring higher revenues.
  • Banner ad eCPM on Android: Mature markets have the usual post-Christmas sales trend. However, the eCPM seems to recover quickly for the last quarter months. However, Japan's eCPM is closer to emerging markets and has been completely removed from the chart of "top-20 eCPM countries".
  • Banner ad eCPM in Russia: While Russia's eCPMs seem to have fallen during March in other formats, we cannot say the same with banner ads. On iOS, Russia sees no difference between the previous months and stays at $0.14. On Android, though, it experiences a shortfall likely to rise back in the following months.
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2021 Q4 - Historic of Mobile eCPM Report

Key Insights of Rewarded Video Ads

  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM on iOS: Most markets have been stable throughout the quarter. eCPMs in the USA have trended downwards, while they escalated to 20% in the UK. Emerging markets such as China and Brazil also have an upwards tendency for the quarter.
  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM on Android: eCPMs in mature markets seem to rise monthly. Australia & Japan are scaling their average eCPM to almost $12. Emerging markets also seem to improve, with Russia & India as two great options for improving in-app ad revenues.
  • Rewarded Video Ad ECPM on Holiday Season: Black Friday & Christmas are some of the most profitable events of the year. For this reason, it's not uncommon to observe high bumps on the charts at the end of the year. The most notable example is Japan, which has raised a 12% of its eCPMs from November to December.
  • Asia consolidates on the Top-20 chart: Asian markets, such as Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, are getting better in the charts. Never before has South Korea been such a high rank on Android Rewarded Ads! This may present a good opportunity for those app publishers and game developers that want to test new countries to increase their monthly revenues.

Key Insights of Full-Screen Ads

  • Full-screen ad eCPM on iOS: Most mature markets present the same trend on iOS. Their eCPMs keep growing for almost the whole quarter until we reach December, where the trend falls by an average of 10-15%.
  • Full-screen ad eCPM on Android: On Android, though, the trend rises unstoppable. The USA increases its eCPM by 10% from the previous quarter. The rest of the mature markets seem to follow this trend, but less pronounced. On the other hand, eCPMs in emerging markets seem more stable.
  • Full-screen ad eCPM during Holiday Season: It may sound weird that iOS eCPMs decrease for some. However, the trend on both platforms is similar to what we experienced during the 2020' Holiday Season. The major lesson here is to adapt our monetization strategies for each platform since users seem to have different behaviors.
  • Ad eCPMs on Full-screen rise over the year: When we compare this year's eCPM, per each country, with the previous 2020, we will notice that the eCPMs on interstitials are growing. Most Asian markets have boosted their eCPMs, and Europe seems to maintain its ground.

Key Insights of Banner Ads

  • Banner ad eCPM on iOS: Mature & emerging markets seem to follow a similar trend. USA, UK, Australia, and even Brazil have a spike in November, to fall again in December. This indicates that iOS users are more willing to consume banners during the previous month of Christmas and also on Black Friday.
  • Banner ad eCPM on Android: Most markets also experienced a big jump in November. However, for most of them, December is also a month of high eCPMs in most markets. Only Brazil seems to shrink in the last month of the year.

2021 Q3 - Historic of Mobile eCPM Report

Key Insights of Rewarded Video Ads

  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM on iOS: From June to September, the eCPM of mature markets grew by 10%. Conversely, emerging markets such as China & Brazil hit the brakes until August, when eCPMs stabilized.
  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM on Android: eCPMs in mature markets seemed to lower a bit from June to July, but in August, they quickly recovered, surpassing the values from June. Australia, Japan & UK seem to have similar patterns, while the USA kept growing for the rest of the Q3.
  • Rewarded Video Ad ECPM on Summer Sales: It's common to watch eCPM grow in Q3. During summer, the users are more active, and mobile app & gaming companies tend to increase their marketing & monetization budgets to get more traction.
  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM + iOS15: Seem that iOS 14.5 and iOS 15 are a reality now, and companies are starting to accept this new reality. iOS eCPM is still higher than Android. Still, mature markets seem more reliable on Android.

Key Insights of Full-Screen Ads

  • Full-Screen eCPM Overview: Summer sales haven't been as generous with the eCPMs of Full-Screen ads as with Rewarded Ads. Each platform and market presents its patterns, so mobile developers shall focus on each segment to monetize their apps and games.
  • Full-screen eCPM on iOS: eCPM in interstitials & full-screen ads has a big blow if you compare it with the previous years. iOS14.5 has taken a toll on these ad formats, and we can see that some top markets, such as the USA, UK, and Australia, and even emerging markets, such as Russia and Brazil, have lower eCPMs than Android.
  • Full-Screen eCPM in Android: Emerging markets have had a stable third quarter of 2021 and don't present fluctuations between months. We can't say the same with mature markets, though. The summer sales of 2021 haven't been that spectacular compared with other years, and eCPM in full-screen ads has been lower than in the surrounding months.
  • Full-Screen eCPM in September: There's light at the end of the tunnel. eCPM for full-screen ads has increased significantly in most mature markets compared with previous months. This may increase revenues for those who haven't neglected their ad monetization strategy this summer. It's time to optimize your ad units!

Key Insights of Banner Ads

  • Banner eCPM on iOS: eCPM seems to have suffered quite a big blow in markets such as USA & Australia. It's outstanding to see how Russia provides eCPM bigger than some established markets. However, the remaining emerging markets haven't had the same luck.
  • Banner eCPM Android: eCPMs in mature markets seem to follow a similar trend, with the USA most affected. Russia, in this case, hasn't had the same raise as iOS, but still provided stable eCPMs. Japan, the UK, and India, though, had notable growth.
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2021 Q2 - Historic of Mobile eCPM Report

Key Insights of Rewarded Video Ads

  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM on iOS: We can observe a notable rise in the eCPM during April, and it gets pretty stable through the second quarter of 2021.
  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM on Android: In some mature countries, eCPMs are as high as iOS. Some even higher. IOS 14.5 and the new user-privacy policies may have caused some redistribution of the marketing budgets of some companies.
  • Rewarded Video Ad ECPM in June: Most markets show a small decrease in both platforms. This is a common trend in the mobile ad industry. Some app & gaming companies have optimized their marketing budget and A/B testing ads to prepare for summer sales.
  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM in Emerging Markets: Brazil stands out for its strong eCPM fluctuations. The country seems to have settled as a place to soft-launch apps, and it's getting more attention.
  • Rewarded video Ad eCPM in China: The Asian country is keeping its ground on iOS. After the strong fall, we saw in December 2020, it seems that it is slowly recovering, and we may expect another rise in the following months.

Key Insights of Full-Screen Ads

  • Full-Screen eCPM Overview: Similar to the Rewarded Video Ads, we see a common trend of mobile businesses optimizing their eCPMs in June. There may be a correlation between the decrease in iOS vs. the increase in Android and how it parallels the release of iOS 14.5.
  • Full-screen eCPM on iOS: All the mature countries seem to fall in the last half quarter. Emerging markets such as Brazil and Russia get better eCPMs. App publishers seem to bet on alternative markets on the iOS platform.
  • Full-Screen eCPM in Android: English-speaking markets (such as the USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Germany, and Switzerland) has kept growing since the last quarter and have been established in the Top 10. Also, emerging countries have claimed up too, and we may expect their eCPMs to keep increasing for the next quarter.

Key Insights of Banner Ads

  • Banner eCPM Android: eCPMs on Android seem to follow a similar trend: a stable start and a high bump at the end of the quarter.
  • Banner eCPM on iOS: However, on iOS, things are way more complex. Emerging countries rise, and mature markets tend to fall. China falls up to 50% of its price. We recommend you check the market your app is focused on and tweak your monetization accordingly.
  • Banner eCPM in the US: It is quite a remarkable trend in the USA. In both platforms, we observe positive growth in the eCPM, and the trend seems to point out that it will keep its trajectory. You can expect high eCPMs for mobile apps and games from this market.
  • Banner eCPM in Russia: Another remarkable country where we can appreciate a high rise in the eCPMs. iOS presents an interesting opportunity for RU/CIS-based apps and games.

2021 Q1 - Historic of Mobile eCPM Report

Key Insights of Rewarded Video Ads

  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM on iOS: It is not unusual to see a fall in the eCPM right after the holiday season. On iOS, we can see that the trend tends to fall slightly compared to the previous December. On some markets, the USA is the one that suffered the most in February. However, by March eCPM seems to stabilize again.
  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM on Android: The previous trend for Rewarded Video Ads on iOS is not as noticeable on Android. Australia falls from $11 to $9.41 in two months, but then in March rises even higher than in December. The USA and UK seem to grow compared to the last quarter of 2020, which can be understood by those countries' political and socio-economic environments.
  • Rewarded Video Ad eCPM in Emerging Markets: Brazil, India, and Russia have a recess after the Christmas holiday, but by March they get almost completely recovered.
  • Rewarded video Ad eCPM in China: The most severe eCPM trend is in China, the iOS platform. From December 2020 to March 2021, it falls 45% from its starting point. The curve smooths in the later months, so we may expect to rise again in Q2 2021.

Key Insights of Full-Screen Ads

  • Full-Screen eCPM overview: Again, the drop in eCPMs after Christmas is quite notable on Full-Screen ads in mature countries for both iOS and Android platforms. Still, by March, some of them, such as Japan, the UK, and Australia, are higher than in December.
  • Full-screen eCPM on iOS: in the USA, the drop of eCPM seems to need more time to climb up. Australia seems quite stable. China has a similar decreasing pattern to what we saw in the rewarded video ads. On Android, the pattern of most mature countries is to stabilize during Q1 2021, and even climb higher compared to December.
  • Full-Screen eCPM in Emerging Countries: Russian eCPM on iOS seems stable. Brazil's eCPM declined slightly during the first half of Q1 2021, only to stabilize in the second half. On Android, India, and Brazil eCPM grew compared to the previous quarter, while Russia recovered steadily after the small drop in January.
  • Full-Screen eCPM in Mature Countries: English-speaking markets (such as Switzerland, New Zealand, Germany, Norway, Austria, and Sweden) have climbed positions in the TOP-20 eCPM chart, and have increased by 20% to 50% their eCPMs. Apps & Games that optimized their ad monetization strategy in those countries may have increased revenue.

Key Insights of Banner Ads

  • Banner eCPM Overall: The banner eCPM on mobile devices has fallen from 10% to 20% compared to the previous quarter. Again, this trend is common in the mobile ad industry.
  • Banner eCPM on iOS: The eCPM trend in the USA is similar to full-screen ads. Australia and Japan seem to quickly recover from the eCPM drop after Christmas, while China fell way lower, only to stabilize in March.
  • Banner eCPM in the UK: On iOS, the UK had a tremendous drop in the banner eCPM since December. The swifts in the political situation in the country may be the reason for that. Still, that decline is not that pronounced on Android.
  • Banner eCPM Historical: On a footnote, comparing this Q1'2021 with the previous Q1'2020 may be misleading since half of the world is not under a COVID-19 lockdown. Also, the whole industry is moving more and more to full-screen (video & interstitial) and rewarded ads, making banners less competitive.
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2020 Q4 - Historic of Mobile eCPM Report

Key Insights of Rewarded Video Ads

  • Rewarded Video Ads eCPM on iOS: On iOS, the mature markets have seen strong eCPMs in the Rewarded Video Ad formats up until November. Then, as we get closer to Christmas, the eCPM tends to lower, the USA market the one with the highest impact. USA Markets is still way ahead on the charts, with an eCPM over 70% higher than second place, Australia.
  • Rewarded Video Ads eCPM on Android: Something similar happens on Android. The eCPMs of Rewarded Video Ads fell slightly in English-speaking markets in December. Japan shows an increase during that time, though. Australia has gotten in the first position, closely followed by the USA.
  • Rewarded Video Ads eCPMs by Markets: Emerging Markets on iOS & Android eCPMs seem more stable. While on iOS, there’s a slight decrease in eCPM during December; the trend tends to rise on Android. It is also remarkable to find many Asiatic countries in the top 10 charts, such as Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, China, and South Korea, for both iOS & Android platforms.

Key Insights of Full-Screen Ads

  • Interstitial eCPM on iOS: The USA still maintains the Top-1 position for the eCPM in Full-Screen Ads, and it is still way ahead of other markets such as Australia, Canada, the UK, Japan & China. Remarkably, China has higher eCPMs than the UK on iOS. In December, eCPMs were even higher than in Australia.
  • Interstitial eCPM on Android: eCPMs seems to have a growing pattern. In most of the Top Markets, they gain strength in November and keep pulling up in the charts in December.
  • Interstitial eCPM by Markets: Mature markets seem to rise during November. Not until we arrive in late December do the eCPMs fall in some countries, such as the UK or Australia.

Key Insights of Banner Ads

  • Banner eCPM on iOS: Notice the extreme growth of the eCPM in the UK, having almost an x2 increase in October in December. It is unusual to see that the UK has the same eCPM in iOS banners as the USA.
  • Banner eCPM on Android: The USA still maintains the top position compared to other countries. The top 10 markets for banner eCPM are mostly from Europe or English-speaking regions.
  • Banner eCPM on Mature Markets: Mature markets seem to follow their trend in iOS and Android. While the USA has to be closely followed to establish a proper strategy, Australia seems almost to replicate its eCPM on both platforms, making it easier to approach.
  • Banner eCPM on Emerging Markets: Emerging markets on Android and iOS seem more stable. While they fluctuate a bit and, in some cases, peak in December, it allows a more relaxed approach for those developers who want to monetize on those markets.

2020 Q3 - Historic of Mobile eCPM Report

Key Insights of Rewarded Video Ads

  • Rewarded Video Ads eCPM on iOS: ECPM has decreased during the summer holidays in most mature markets. However, in September, we watched a recovery with the start of the new working year in most of them, except Japan.
  • Rewarded Video Ads eCPM on Android: eCPMs in the USA have gone in the opposite direction during summer, and in September, they kept growing. Most of the mature markets have seen their eCPMs grow, too, during the last month of Q3.
  • Rewarded Video Ads eCPMs by Markets: The eCPMs of Rewarded Videos in Russia & Brazil didn’t fluctuate that much on both iOS & Android. Oceania & South Asia are growing and getting settled on the Top Charts. Australia's eCPMs are steadily increasing, and other countries, such as New Zealand and Singapore, are in higher positions.

Key Insights of Full-Screen Ads

  • Interstitial eCPM on iOS: On iOS, the Full-Screen eCPMs haven’t grown that much for mature countries, except for Australia & UK. They grew by almost 30% and 25% from June to September.
  • Interstitial eCPM on Android: USA, UK & Australia eCPMs on Full-Screen Ads have grown almost 25% from June to September on Android.
  • Interstitial eCPMs in mature markets: during this 2020 summer, the eCPMs of full-screen ads, such as static and video interstitials, have been growing steadily. In Emerging Markets, the eCPM has also grown between 20-30% on iOS and Android.

Key Insights of Banner Ads

  • Banner eCPM on Mature Markets: From June to September, USA & UK eCPMs on banners have grown almost 23% on iOS & 18% on Android, being the two mature markets with significant growth above all.
  • Banner eCPM on Emerging Markets: ECPM increases in South Africa and South America globally. These trends may indicate new opportunities for developers and publishers willing to expand to new markets. Brazil eCPMs also experienced a significant increase during July & August on iOS, but in September, they fell to 5% compared to June.
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2020 Q2 - Historic of Mobile eCPM Report

Key Insights of Rewarded Video Ads

  • Rewarded Video Ads eCPM on iOS: The U.S. remained the highest eCPM country, followed by Japan and Australia. Both Russia and Brazil saw their eCPMs stabilize in Q2 2020. The U.K.’s eCPMs dropped in May to $9.04 after a slight trend up from the previous three months. Russia and Brazil stabilized after decreasing during the previous three months and started trending back up.
  • Rewarded Video Ads eCPM on Android: The U.S. was the highest eCPM country, followed closely by Australia. Brazil saw its eCPMs stabilize as they decreased just slightly. The U.S. saw its eCPMs increase in May to $10.59. Unlike the other countries, the U.K. saw its eCPMs decrease significantly. Japan’s eCPMs showed a healthy increase. Russia also saw its eCPMs increasing back.

Key Insights of Full-Screen Ads

  • Interstitial eCPM on iOS: The U.S. remained the highest eCPM country, followed by Japan and Australia. Both Russia and Brazil saw their eCPMs stabilize. In the U.S. eCPM bounced back up to $10.01 in May, a high compared to the previous three months. The U.K.’s eCPMs climbed back to $4.05 in May, reaching a low of $3.88 in April. Japan’s eCPMs remained flat at $6.53 in May and in April.
  • Interstitial eCPM on Android: The U.S., again, was the highest eCPM country, followed by Australia and Switzerland. The U.S. saw its eCPMs increase in May, a high compared to the previous three months. The U.K. also saw its eCPMs increase, after hitting a low of $2.94 in April. Japan’s eCPMs started trending back up, after going down three months prior. Brazil and Russia also saw their eCPMs increasing back.

Key Insights of Banner Ads

  • Banner eCPM on iOS & Android: The U.S. was the highest eCPM country, followed by Japan and Australia. May’s eCPMs in the U.S. and Japan saw their eCPMs decrease and decelerate slightly, compared to the more noticeable drop in April. The U.K. and Brazil continued to see their eCPMs decrease in May, but the drop was not as steep as in April. Russia saw its eCPMs staying steady after decreasing for three months.  

Early Covid-19 - Historic of Mobile eCPM Report

Overall Analysis of eCPM during Early Covid

A correlation exists between when a country went into lockdown, more active users, and the number of ad impressions delivered. Countries that started imposing nationwide lockdowns saw a strong overall increase in ad impressions. However, the ad impressions increased and were not consistent across all apps.

Analyzing samples of gaming apps over several months, some apps showed notable ad impressions increase while others remained the same. The countries that increased ad impressions by acquiring or reactivating their users generally gained net ad revenue, despite eCPM decreasing in some markets.

Key Insights by Ad Types

  • Rewarded Video Ads eCPM: The average eCPMs of rewarded video ads were mixed and relatively stable compared to the other ad formats. Many countries affected by the crisis, like Russia, France, Spain, Turkey, Germany, the U.K., and others, saw their eCPMs decrease by up to $0.50. 
  • Interstitial eCPM: In contrast, full-screen ads saw their eCPMs trending down on iOS and Android in April. 
  • Banner eCPM: Banner ads showed the most notable eCPM decrease compared to the other formats on iOS and Android.

Key Insights by Markets

China, which started the lockdown in February, saw its eCPM drop drastically. Even as their lockdown ended in March, their eCPM continued to drop.

Other countries that started lockdowns in March did not show a consistent eCPM change. In Italy, they went down, but in other countries, like Spain and the U.S., they went up.

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2020 Q1 - Historic of Mobile eCPM Report

Key Insights of Rewarded Video Ads

  • Rewarded Video Ads eCPM on iOS: China becomes the 2nd highest eCPM country. Chinese New Year in January likely added to the eCPM spike that month, while the coronavirus crisis in February likely contributed to the sharp drop. As one might expect, though, the ad impressions spiked significantly in China in February as people were quarantined indoors with lots of time to spare. The U.S. remained on top with $14.59 eCPM, a slight decrease from January ($15.37). 
  • Rewarded Video Ads eCPM on Android: Australia remained 1st place with $11.57 eCPM. At the same time, Japan and the U.S. swapped places, with the U.S. at 2nd with $10.19 eCPM and Japan 3rd with $9.40 in February. Interestingly, Australia is one, if not the only, country among the top-earning ones, with eCPM being higher on Android than iOS.

Key Insights of Full-Screen Ads

  • Interstitial eCPM on iOS: the U.S. also remained on top with $9.56 eCPM in February ($9.30 in January). Most countries did not see their eCPMs deviate by more than $0.50 since January, except China, which decreased to $4.91 eCPM ($6.39 in January).
  • Interstitial eCPM on Android: Japan, January’s top eCPM country, dropped to 2nd with $6.09 eCPM in February ($6.64 in January). The U.S. took the top spot with $6.24 eCPM. Most of the top-earning countries showed no significant eCPM changes since January.

Key Insights of Banner Ads

  • Banner eCPM on iOS: Australia came in 1st with $0.61 eCPM, followed by China at $0.56 and the U.S. at $0.51.
  • Banner eCPM on Android: The U.S. took the top spot with $0.42 eCPM, followed by Australia at $0.40 and Switzerland at $0.40.

2019 Q4 - Historic of Mobile eCPM Report

Key Insights

  • Rewarded Video Ads eCPM on iOS: The U.S. topped rewarded videos' eCPMs with $15.37 on iOS. Many East Asian markets dominated the top 10 highest eCPM list, with China in second place with eCPMs of $13.15.
  • Rewarded Video Ads eCPM on Android: Australia and Japan came out on top with eCPMs of $11.13 and $10.31 respectively.
  • Interstitial eCPM on iOS: The U.S. was also on top with eCPMs of $9.30, more than doubling United Kingdom's, Europe's highest-performing country.
  • Interstitial eCPM on Android: Japan and Australia came out on top with eCPMs of $6.64 and $6.16 respectively.
  • Banner eCPM on iOS: China came in first place with eCPMs of $0.57, followed by Australia at $0.52 and the U.S. at $0.51.
  • Banner eCPM on Android: Denmark surprisingly took first place with eCPMs of $0.42, followed by Australia at $0.39 and Switzerland at $0.39.
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Appodeal SDK 3.1! Elevate Your App Performance - Dive Deep into the Features

Appodeal SDK 3.1 is in beta version until this summer.

Are you grappling with frequent app crashes, a convoluted ad setup process, and a maze of data accessibility issues?

If your answer is a resounding 'Yes,' we have exciting news that could revolutionize your app business! At Appodeal, we understand these challenges that you face daily and have committed ourselves to developing solutions tailored to meet your needs. Our answer to your concerns is our meticulously engineered upgrade – the Appodeal SDK 3.1 (currently in beta version).

Are you eager to explore how this upgrade can transform your app business? Let's dive into the details of Appodeal SDK 3.1.

Tackle App Crashes Head-On: Ensure the best User Experience!

If you've been in the app industry long enough, you'll know that app crashes are more than just minor glitches. They disrupt the user experience, hurt your app's retention rate, and, if unchecked, can undermine your app's overall success.

Appodeal SDK 3.1 is designed to combat this key concern.

We have significantly reduced the ANR rates (Application Not Responding). The ANR rate, as measured by Google Play, has a threshold of 0.47%. An ANR rate at or below this threshold is considered acceptable and may positively affect the overall growth of your app.

Moving to SDK 3.1 beta with all top networks, our beta testers managed to reduce the ANR rate to as low as 0.16%.

This remarkable improvement means a smoother, more reliable operation for your app and a superior, hassle-free user experience for your audience. The SDK 3.1 equips you to reduce your app crashes significantly and fosters an engaging environment for your users.

Unified Interstitials: Say Goodbye to Complicated Processes

If you're tired of the cumbersome two-step process of managing static and video interstitials, SDK 3.1 has a pleasant surprise for you!

Our latest SDK 3.1 merges these two ad units into a single waterfall setup configuration, eliminating the need for you to juggle between different setups.

This groundbreaking change simplifies your mediation setup and streamlines your ad management process. No more confusing steps, no more wasted time - with SDK 3.1, you get a hassle-free, efficient ad integration process.

For our existing clients, rest assured, your metrics will remain split. However, new users can enjoy the benefits of a unified, simplified experience. Bid goodbye to complex ad management with SDK 3.1!

Access Rich Data with New Events & Callbacks

Data and insights are pivotal drivers of growth and optimization in the ever-evolving app industry. However, accessing detailed, impression-level revenue data is often a challenge. SDK 3.1 breaks down these barriers with the introduction of the OnAdRevenueReceived callback.

This new feature arms you with invaluable data about network name, revenue, ad type, and more. Imagine having this wealth of information at your fingertips, enabling you to make informed decisions and build effective strategies.

There is no manual intervention or data loss - just smooth, efficient data transfer.

SDK 3.1 also makes data sharing a breeze. If you're using Firebase, seamlessly integrated with the Appodeal SDK, your ad revenue data is automatically dispatched to your dashboard.

Harness the power of data with SDK 3.1 and drive your app's success!

Boost Your App Performance with General Fixes & Improvements

We're committed to ensuring your app remains compatible with the best ad services out there. That's why SDK 3.1 comes loaded with a series of updates and improvements.

This update includes various adapters from the most widely used networks in the industry, enhancing your app's performance and ensuring you stay ahead in the game:

  • AppLovinSDK 11.10.1
  • AppsFlyerFramework 6.10.1
  • Firebase 10.7.0
  • Google-Mobile-Ads-SDK 10.5.0
  • FBSDKCoreKit 16.0.0
  • myTargetSDK 5.17.5
  • UnityAds 4.7.1
  • Mintegral 7.3.7
  • BidMachine 2.1.0

What's more, Appodeal SDK 3.1 now supports apps built on Android, iOS, and Unity platforms.

We understand the importance of staying current, so we're also working on releasing our Unreal adapter. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Summers Sales: Now is the best time to Integrate Appodeal!

We are standing on the cusp of an exciting season in the mobile industry. Summer sales, a high-traffic season for mobile applications, are rapidly approaching. This period brings a surge of active users and potential customers, offering an incredible opportunity for app businesses to skyrocket their growth and revenue.

However, without the right tools and strategies in place, this could also strain your app’s performance, possible crashes due to increased load, and missed opportunities in monetizing the incoming traffic. Equipping your application with an efficient, robust tool like Appodeal SDK 3.1 becomes crucial to mitigate these risks and take full advantage of the season.

By integrating Appodeal SDK 3.1 now, you not only stand to improve your app’s performance significantly but also get a chance to streamline your ad operations before the rush hits. With enhanced crash rate efficiency, simpler ad setup, improved access to crucial data, and increased compatibility, you ensure your app is not just ready to survive the summer sales, but truly thrive in it.

Take the leap and integrate Appodeal SDK 3.1 now. Be prepared, be proactive, and watch as your app scales new heights during the summer sales.

Remember, timing is everything. And there's no time like the present to ensure your app's future success.

New eCPM Report: Revisited & Updated data! Boost your Growth Strategy this 2023!

We have DOUBLE-CHECKED & UPDATED all the data on the quarterly eCPM Reports so you can be ready for 2023. Now it's up to you to be at the top of your game to make smarter & data-driven decisions.

However, how to keep a steady growth for all your mobile apps & games?

To help you boost your monetization strategy this 2023, we’re releasing the Appodeal Mobile In-app Ad eCPM Report for the first time, which brings you a complete month-by-month analysis, with the latest eCPM data.

Use it wisely to spot trends that can be a starting point when preparing and segmenting your ads. 

And you can download it here!

New call-to-action

This year 2023, purchase behavior is expected to change drastically.

In past years, the global pandemic resulted in more people using mobile devices than ever before. App installs and engagement were usually higher as people would receive mobile devices as gifts downloading apps in tandem. 

Additionally, we were more likely to see plenty of activity among loyal mobile game users who would make more in-app purchases (in-game currency, extra lives, weapons & unlocking levels) as a result of spending some spare free time inside their houses.

While the holiday season traditionally brings huge eCPMS & revenue for advertisers, the results gathered with the Yearly eCPM Report are entirely different during the last 2022. As the world returns to a new normality, some industry analysts have been saying that we’re in the middle of a cold season for mobile devs & studios.

5 Key Findings from our Mobile eCPM Report 2023:

  1. Inflation has risen across global markets. With less purchasing power, users may interact more with rewarded ads.
  2. Privacy changes & restrictions to data granularity have caused a notable impact on the ARPU in recent years.
  3. eCPM for the USA ramps back to levels only seen a few years ago.
  4. South Korea, the Philippines, and other emerging countries have increased their revenue metrics on Rewarded Ads & Interstitials.
  5. Russia, Poland, and other Eastern-European countries have been less affected by the economic conjuncture compared to their Western counterpart.

What will you find in the Mobile eCPM Report?

For this first edition of the Mobile eCPM Report, we focused our attention on 18 different countries to give you more accurate data. This wide variety of countries will allow you to identify eCPM trends for countries with similar user behaviors. Once you have detected which country resembles more to your audience more, it will be easier for you to create sound strategies for 2023.

Find valuable insights on representative markets such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, The United Kingdom, and The United States.

A breakdown report to learn how the eCPM Trends perform throughout the previous year, including

  • 18 countries — From all continents (except Antarctica).
  • 3 Ad Formats — Rewarded Video, Interstitial & Banners.
  • 2 Platforms — iOS & Android.
  • +200 Billion Ad Impressions — +100,000 Apps & +70 Ad Demand Sources
  • Interactive Infographics — Navigate through the data that matters to you the most

An in-depth look at our Mobile eCPM report:

Now that inflation has risen across all global markets, users with less purchasing power may interact more with rewarded ads. 

Discover which ad types are bringing the highest eCPMs per country. Then, narrow down your analysis to the platform of choice within your target audience. 

Month-by-month eCPMs

Compare, month by month, the eCPM evolution to spot trends that may occur again in 2023, and strategize accordingly.

In past years, the eCPMs would be at their highest during November and December. Advertisers would compete aggressively with each other for limited ad inventory by increasing their ad bids, resulting in higher eCPMs for mobile app publishers monetizing with ads. 


For 2023, eCPMs predictions for some markets seem to be positive. However, privacy changes and restrictions to data have drastically impacted the ARPU compared to previous years, making it more difficult to track the effectiveness of the install ads through which many mobile studios & developers both acquire new users and earn money from other app makers.

Times are changing! And you need to tweak your monetization strategy just in time to ensure you boost your eCPMs & overall ad revenue despite the factors running our actual economy and shaping a new world. 

Top eCPM Countries & World Map!

Explore in a world map the eCPM of your targeted countries, and see how they have evolved every quarter. 

You can also check the eCPM in each country based on the Ad Type!


The economic conjuncture may cause your users’ living needs may overpass consumer wants. This could result in more users preferring and interacting with rewarded video ads during gameplay instead of investing their money in in-app purchases.  

Markets such as South Korea, the Philippines, and other emerging countries have increased their revenue metrics on Rewarded Ads & Interstitials. 

However, other Eastern-European countries have been less affected by this economic conjuncture, which becomes an excellent opportunity for advertisers planning to launch seasonal in-app offerings to level up their games & apps. 

What can we expect for 2023?

There’s still room for advertisers to increase revenue through properly segmented marketing campaigns that drive more engagement, downloads, and installs. 

The extra free time and every single penny saved throughout the year still represent an opportunity for advertisers to get high earnings from mobile users as the excuse to spend money on seasonal promos and discounts makes more sense during an economic downturn. 

2023 is the year to grow your Mobile eCPMs!

People spending their free time on their devices means more and more eyeballs glued to your app, increasing chances to get more ad impressions and boosting your eCPMs.

This report dives deep into the data from 2022 to analyze how the eCPMs have been affected over time as a consequence of seasonal app behavior. This way, you know where to start when preparing your ads strategy, campaign setup, and spending distribution. 

The recent advertising ecosystem changes have impacted brands' ability to reach audiences with relevant, timely ads. This report is the most accurate and current indication you can take into consideration when tuning your apps' monetization strategies for the next upcoming months. 

Navigate through all the charts & insights, and adapt your monetization strategies to get the most out of this first edition of the Yearly Mobile eCPM Report. 

Holiday Season Mobile In-App Ad eCPM Report '23

Appodeal SDK 3.0! - 4 Top Reasons to Upgrade!

We have just released the Appodeal SDK 3.0 stable version! And it comes with lots of new features and improvements.

Over the past months, our engineering team has been optimizing the Appodeal SDK. As the industry evolves and companies merge, we move towards a more transparent and reliable growth platform.

The race for user attention & engagement has recently become more and more challenging. Appodeal SDK 3.0 will help you better grow, analyze and monetize your Apps and Games to your users’ most recent needs and behaviors.

Appodeal’s 3.0 SDK version is now available for all game developers to download, with plenty of new features: From getting more support with Firebase Analytics to integrating a consent manager that will prevent your app from getting banned from the app store.

If you’re still unfamiliar with SDK 3.0, this article will take a quick look at each new aspect to help you better comprehend why you need to upgrade your SDK in this immediate second!

Let’s get started!

Sync. Monetization + UA + Product Data

With downloads and UA spending on the rise, some developers are getting a more challenging time monetizing their apps & games properly.

App users are more educated than ever due to the mass amounts of information they interact with through social media. The result? They now have developed tolerance towards your Ads.

Appodeal SDK 3.0 now includes Firebase, Adjust & Meta Analytics integrated into its core. Users only need to connect their accounts to Appodeal. 

  • Publishers & Developers now can get advanced reports with metrics, such as Forecasted ARPU, ARPDAU, LTV, etc. 
  • Added two highly anticipated interfaces to get callbacks when the SDK is initialized and when an ad revenue for impression is obtained.
  • And several performance & stability improvements, to provide all our users with a seamless, uninterrupted experience.
Appodeal's monetization dashboard overview

Now you can sync all your monetization, UA, and Analytics data in one dashboard to better understand your active UA campaigns. With drag-n-drop reports, you can quickly discover your max profitability sources.

Appodeal's dashboard

So, let’s recap! By syncing all your data with Appodeal’s SDK 3.0 you'll get:

⬆️ customizable metrics to understand your audience behavior,
⬆️ transparency and fair competition,
⬆️ access to become part of our accelerator & funds to promote your games.

Support for Firebase Analytics

Firebase is Google’s solution for mobile app development that provides insights into app usage and user engagement. This platform is packed with features that make it easy for App developers and marketers to build, release, monitor, and engage with their Apps.

Dealing with another growth tool, such as Firebase, can be time-consuming for some developers. This complete analytics service is challenging to manage, especially when running campaigns through several platforms. 

Now, Appodeal supports Firebase Analytics to help you gather all your data in your Appodeal dashboard and manage your resources more efficiently. 

Connecting your Firebase account to Appodeal lets you track your monetization and product metrics by Firebase Keywords. You will also be able to analyze how product A/B test (via Firebase remote configuration) affects both your product & monetization and identify new opportunities to improve.

Just a few years ago, App developers and publishers could obtain and monetize their customers’ data in any way they wanted. But In today’s ever-changing gaming industry, privacy laws such as GDPR & CCPA have shaken the mobile ecosystem, and you can no longer gather personal data without users’ consent. 

This SDK also includes several improvements in Appodeal’s Consent Manager integration process, to help publishers avoid getting their apps banned by app stores. 

Now publishers don’t have to worry about its integration. The Consent Manager is now included in Appodeal SDK 3.0. In previous versions, it was distributed as a stand-alone tool. 

With the integration of Consent Manager in your app, you can avoid getting your app banned from the app stores due to these relevant changes in lawful requirements.

The Consent Manager library automatically geo-targets your users and prompts them with the right message at the right time, if needed. The best part? You can customize your consent flow with an appealing message to win your users’ hearts through their data. 

The primary benefit of integrating a consent manager in your app is simple: to help you build a more transparent and trustworthy business, and be less likely to break the law and face millionaire fines

Redesigned to give you a quick and effortless experience, now you can keep your apps fully compliant with GDPR & CCPA laws and the constant changes in the ad-tech industry.  (e.g., iOS 14.5 post-IDFA).

Unity Plugin Overhaul

When creating mobile games, once the design and development phases are completed - it's time to select a monetization strategy to meet your revenue targets. 

For some game developers, integrating their game engine into an attribution platform can become challenging, especially when they are highly skilled in game development but lack time to learn about monetization. 

Appodeal has also heavily reworked its Unity Pluggin, making it now 100% compliant with the UPM (Unity Package Manager).

Appodeal SDK 3.0 is now available as a UPM package.

Appodeal now offers an overhauled integration with Unity to offer a set of new features and functionalities to Unity Developers. With this upgrade, you will experience fewer obstacles and challenges during the SDK 3.0 integration.

What's best? You'll enjoy a transparent, data-proven, and independent alternative to set up your in-app monetization regardless of any merges 😉.

Here's a sneak peek of our new features:

  • Greatly improved the distribution of Appodeal SDK via the Unity Package Manager tool.
  • API fully commented: Working with the Unity plugin inside IDEs now is faster & 100% user-friendly.
  • Demo Scene redesigned: Better & more accessible options to set up your in-app monetization.
  • Test Ads in the Unity Editor: No need to build your project whenever you want to test your ad units.
  • Automated configuration for Attribution Services: Simplified the process of setting up your attribution tools in Unity for both Android & iOS platforms.

Upgrade to Appodeal SDK 3.0!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what we’re planning for this new version of the Appodeal SDK 3.0.

Move to this more convenient version of Appodeal, unlock plenty of new functionalities, and be prepared for future improvements. 

Upgrading to the latest Appodeal SDK will help you stay updated on the latest changes in the ever-changing mobile ad industry and will enable you to better grow, analyze, and monetize your Apps & Games to your users' needs.

Get the latest version of our Appodeal SDK 3.0 here. 

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Appodeal’s Mobile In-App Ad Monetization Performance Index 2022' Edition is now available

Over the past few years, the Mobile Ad industry has experienced a rapid and massive transformation increasing the amount of data available to those responsible for decision-making. With a reliable framework - based on solid evidence - now App and Game developers can measure outputs beyond mere profits to better interpret metrics such as eCPMs, impressions, and fill rates.

In our newest In-App Ad Monetization Performance Index Report, we have dived into the deepest oceans of data (known as tedious and never-ending spreadsheets) to draw a comprehensive analysis that will help you optimize your ad formats based on Region, Format, and Ad Demand sources. 

If you’re looking to supercharge your mobile advertising - our Mobile In-App Ad Monetization Performance Index 2022’ is a MUST.

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More data, metrics & charts than ever!

This year we’ve analyzed 

  • 6 different regions (USA, Europe West, Europe East, Middle East, Asia & Latin America)
  • 3 ad formats (Rewarded Video, Interstitial & Banner), 
  • 2 platforms (IOS + Android,
  • +100.000 apps, 
  • +70 ad Demand sources, 
  • and +200 BILLION impressions 

And we turned all this data into digestible charts that you can now access to optimize your monetization efforts. 

Global overview

A fully interactive map where you can scout, in each country, the average eCPMs per platform and Ad Type. 

And to make your life easier, we have also created a chart with the top 20 countries with the highest eCPMs!

Adapt your monetization strategies on your top markets with data on eCPM countries per Ad type, a year-over-year market growth analysis, and a monthly eCPM evolution analysis in conjunction with Fill Rates and ARPU performance.

eCPM & ARPU Monthly evolution

Do you want to boost your ad incomes during specific months? Or maybe you’re worried about the ups and downs of your eCPMs over the year?

This section will help you understand the monthly trends of the eCPMs, per each market & ad format. 

And next to it, you will also find a new set of data, never distributed in any other previous Performance Index, that will tell you the trends on ARPU & Fill-Rates. 

Ranking of Mobile Ad Networks

Probably the most demanded chart of our Performance Index. This year, we made it more comprehensive and accessible.

 Instead of the previous convoluted layout of icons, this year we decided to represent it as a bar chart, where you can see at first glance, which ad network had more presence in the industry, but also easily compare their eCPMs.

And again, we have added a new pie chart, next to this rank, to be more transparent on the real revenue share of each ad network.

Find detailed insights by region to benchmark, compare and gauge your monetization setup!

Ranking of Ad Categories

A completely new set of charts! Data never shared before!

People have been requesting me about eCPMs per category since I took over the Performance Index in 2019, and I have finally decided to add it to this 2022 version!

Check the eCPM ranking by categories, in both Android & iOS! Compare the average earns with your current app’s or game’s category, and check if you can keep improving your monetization strategy & setup!

A whole new section will help you better understand which ad units implement to maximize your revenue based on current trends. 

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New design & Layout for Performance Index 2022!

In this year’s report, we also added new interactive functionalities to help you gather the data more comfortably. Yeah, we don’t like long and boring reports either. We are some straight-to-the-point kinda guys. 😎

So instead of reading through repetitive charts that don’t necessarily meet your interests, now you can select just the data that matters to you the most from our drop-down menus. In addition, you can find more details by hovering your mouse over each data point.

Key Findings in Ad-Tech Industry this 2022

Mobile In-App Ad Monetization Performance Index 2022
  • In 2022 H1, the USA has kept steady fill rates & increased their ARPU, while all the other markets have seen a strong decrease in these metrics.
  • On iOS, eCPMs in the top-20 countries have grown, compared to the previous year. However, on Android, they’ve been somewhat stable.
  • eCPMs in full-screen ads have increased in all markets during 22Q2.
  • The Middle East market has been added to this year's ‘22 report. Its high eCPMs have made this geo more relevant in ad monetization strategies.
  • On iOS, banner ads eCPMs in emerging countries had steady growth. However, in some countries, this may have happened because the fill rates have plummeted.

As the only one of its kind in the industry, this report ranks various Ad Demand sources and Ad Formats based on the overall revenue they generated for publishers with our ad mediation SDK integrated in H1 2022. 

We did the boring work. 

Now it's your turn to navigate through all the charts & insights, and adapt your monetization strategies to get the most out of this!

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