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Appodeal SDK 3.1! Elevate Your App Performance - Dive Deep into the Features

With enhanced crash rate efficiency, simpler ad setup, improved access to crucial data, and increased compatibility, the Appodeal SDK 3.1 ensures the best scenario to scale your business during summer sales.

Appodeal SDK 3.1 is in beta version until this summer.

Are you grappling with frequent app crashes, a convoluted ad setup process, and a maze of data accessibility issues?

If your answer is a resounding 'Yes,' we have exciting news that could revolutionize your app business! At Appodeal, we understand these challenges that you face daily and have committed ourselves to developing solutions tailored to meet your needs. Our answer to your concerns is our meticulously engineered upgrade – the Appodeal SDK 3.1 (currently in beta version).

Are you eager to explore how this upgrade can transform your app business? Let's dive into the details of Appodeal SDK 3.1.

Tackle App Crashes Head-On: Ensure the best User Experience!

If you've been in the app industry long enough, you'll know that app crashes are more than just minor glitches. They disrupt the user experience, hurt your app's retention rate, and, if unchecked, can undermine your app's overall success.

Appodeal SDK 3.1 is designed to combat this key concern.

We have significantly reduced the ANR rates (Application Not Responding). The ANR rate, as measured by Google Play, has a threshold of 0.47%. An ANR rate at or below this threshold is considered acceptable and may positively affect the overall growth of your app.

Moving to SDK 3.1 beta with all top networks, our beta testers managed to reduce the ANR rate to as low as 0.16%.

This remarkable improvement means a smoother, more reliable operation for your app and a superior, hassle-free user experience for your audience. The SDK 3.1 equips you to reduce your app crashes significantly and fosters an engaging environment for your users.

Unified Interstitials: Say Goodbye to Complicated Processes

If you're tired of the cumbersome two-step process of managing static and video interstitials, SDK 3.1 has a pleasant surprise for you!

Our latest SDK 3.1 merges these two ad units into a single waterfall setup configuration, eliminating the need for you to juggle between different setups.

This groundbreaking change simplifies your mediation setup and streamlines your ad management process. No more confusing steps, no more wasted time - with SDK 3.1, you get a hassle-free, efficient ad integration process.

For our existing clients, rest assured, your metrics will remain split. However, new users can enjoy the benefits of a unified, simplified experience. Bid goodbye to complex ad management with SDK 3.1!

Access Rich Data with New Events & Callbacks

Data and insights are pivotal drivers of growth and optimization in the ever-evolving app industry. However, accessing detailed, impression-level revenue data is often a challenge. SDK 3.1 breaks down these barriers with the introduction of the OnAdRevenueReceived callback.

This new feature arms you with invaluable data about network name, revenue, ad type, and more. Imagine having this wealth of information at your fingertips, enabling you to make informed decisions and build effective strategies.

There is no manual intervention or data loss - just smooth, efficient data transfer.

SDK 3.1 also makes data sharing a breeze. If you're using Firebase, seamlessly integrated with the Appodeal SDK, your ad revenue data is automatically dispatched to your dashboard.

Harness the power of data with SDK 3.1 and drive your app's success!

Boost Your App Performance with General Fixes & Improvements

We're committed to ensuring your app remains compatible with the best ad services out there. That's why SDK 3.1 comes loaded with a series of updates and improvements.

This update includes various adapters from the most widely used networks in the industry, enhancing your app's performance and ensuring you stay ahead in the game:

  • AppLovinSDK 11.10.1
  • AppsFlyerFramework 6.10.1
  • Firebase 10.7.0
  • Google-Mobile-Ads-SDK 10.5.0
  • FBSDKCoreKit 16.0.0
  • myTargetSDK 5.17.5
  • UnityAds 4.7.1
  • Mintegral 7.3.7
  • BidMachine 2.1.0

What's more, Appodeal SDK 3.1 now supports apps built on Android, iOS, and Unity platforms.

We understand the importance of staying current, so we're also working on releasing our Unreal adapter. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Summers Sales: Now is the best time to Integrate Appodeal!

We are standing on the cusp of an exciting season in the mobile industry. Summer sales, a high-traffic season for mobile applications, are rapidly approaching. This period brings a surge of active users and potential customers, offering an incredible opportunity for app businesses to skyrocket their growth and revenue.

However, without the right tools and strategies in place, this could also strain your app’s performance, possible crashes due to increased load, and missed opportunities in monetizing the incoming traffic. Equipping your application with an efficient, robust tool like Appodeal SDK 3.1 becomes crucial to mitigate these risks and take full advantage of the season.

By integrating Appodeal SDK 3.1 now, you not only stand to improve your app’s performance significantly but also get a chance to streamline your ad operations before the rush hits. With enhanced crash rate efficiency, simpler ad setup, improved access to crucial data, and increased compatibility, you ensure your app is not just ready to survive the summer sales, but truly thrive in it.

Take the leap and integrate Appodeal SDK 3.1 now. Be prepared, be proactive, and watch as your app scales new heights during the summer sales.

Remember, timing is everything. And there's no time like the present to ensure your app's future success.

Marc Llobet
Product Marketing & Growth @ Appodeal
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Resources 2 min read

Surviving Google's Play Store Crackdown

Google has been sending out warnings to developers with apps on the Google Play Store, letting them know that their apps will be removed if they don’t comply with Google’s User Data Policy. What’s the most common offense so far? Not having a privacy policy.

Resources 2 min read

Marc Llobet
Marc Llobet

Ad Monetization 5 min read  - November 7, 2022

Appodeal SDK 3.0! - 4 Top Reasons to Upgrade!

Appodeal’s 3.0 SDK version is now available for all game developers to download, with plenty of new features: From getting more support with Firebase Analytics to integrating a consent manager that will prevent your app from getting banned from the app store.

We have just released the Appodeal SDK 3.0 stable version! And it comes with lots of new features and improvements.

Over the past months, our engineering team has been optimizing the Appodeal SDK. As the industry evolves and companies merge, we move towards a more transparent and reliable growth platform.

The race for user attention & engagement has recently become more and more challenging. Appodeal SDK 3.0 will help you better grow, analyze and monetize your Apps and Games to your users’ most recent needs and behaviors.

Appodeal’s 3.0 SDK version is now available for all game developers to download, with plenty of new features: From getting more support with Firebase Analytics to integrating a consent manager that will prevent your app from getting banned from the app store.

If you’re still unfamiliar with SDK 3.0, this article will take a quick look at each new aspect to help you better comprehend why you need to upgrade your SDK in this immediate second!

Let’s get started!

Sync. Monetization + UA + Product Data

With downloads and UA spending on the rise, some developers are getting a more challenging time monetizing their apps & games properly.

App users are more educated than ever due to the mass amounts of information they interact with through social media. The result? They now have developed tolerance towards your Ads.

Appodeal SDK 3.0 now includes Firebase, Adjust & Meta Analytics integrated into its core. Users only need to connect their accounts to Appodeal. 

  • Publishers & Developers now can get advanced reports with metrics, such as Forecasted ARPU, ARPDAU, LTV, etc. 
  • Added two highly anticipated interfaces to get callbacks when the SDK is initialized and when an ad revenue for impression is obtained.
  • And several performance & stability improvements, to provide all our users with a seamless, uninterrupted experience.
Appodeal's monetization dashboard overview

Now you can sync all your monetization, UA, and Analytics data in one dashboard to better understand your active UA campaigns. With drag-n-drop reports, you can quickly discover your max profitability sources.

Appodeal's dashboard

So, let’s recap! By syncing all your data with Appodeal’s SDK 3.0 you'll get:

⬆️ customizable metrics to understand your audience behavior,
⬆️ transparency and fair competition,
⬆️ access to become part of our accelerator & funds to promote your games.

Support for Firebase Analytics

Firebase is Google’s solution for mobile app development that provides insights into app usage and user engagement. This platform is packed with features that make it easy for App developers and marketers to build, release, monitor, and engage with their Apps.

Dealing with another growth tool, such as Firebase, can be time-consuming for some developers. This complete analytics service is challenging to manage, especially when running campaigns through several platforms. 

Now, Appodeal supports Firebase Analytics to help you gather all your data in your Appodeal dashboard and manage your resources more efficiently. 

Connecting your Firebase account to Appodeal lets you track your monetization and product metrics by Firebase Keywords. You will also be able to analyze how product A/B test (via Firebase remote configuration) affects both your product & monetization and identify new opportunities to improve.

Just a few years ago, App developers and publishers could obtain and monetize their customers’ data in any way they wanted. But In today’s ever-changing gaming industry, privacy laws such as GDPR & CCPA have shaken the mobile ecosystem, and you can no longer gather personal data without users’ consent. 

This SDK also includes several improvements in Appodeal’s Consent Manager integration process, to help publishers avoid getting their apps banned by app stores. 

Now publishers don’t have to worry about its integration. The Consent Manager is now included in Appodeal SDK 3.0. In previous versions, it was distributed as a stand-alone tool. 

With the integration of Consent Manager in your app, you can avoid getting your app banned from the app stores due to these relevant changes in lawful requirements.

The Consent Manager library automatically geo-targets your users and prompts them with the right message at the right time, if needed. The best part? You can customize your consent flow with an appealing message to win your users’ hearts through their data. 

The primary benefit of integrating a consent manager in your app is simple: to help you build a more transparent and trustworthy business, and be less likely to break the law and face millionaire fines

Redesigned to give you a quick and effortless experience, now you can keep your apps fully compliant with GDPR & CCPA laws and the constant changes in the ad-tech industry.  (e.g., iOS 14.5 post-IDFA).

Unity Plugin Overhaul

When creating mobile games, once the design and development phases are completed - it's time to select a monetization strategy to meet your revenue targets. 

For some game developers, integrating their game engine into an attribution platform can become challenging, especially when they are highly skilled in game development but lack time to learn about monetization. 

Appodeal has also heavily reworked its Unity Pluggin, making it now 100% compliant with the UPM (Unity Package Manager).

Appodeal SDK 3.0 is now available as a UPM package.

Appodeal now offers an overhauled integration with Unity to offer a set of new features and functionalities to Unity Developers. With this upgrade, you will experience fewer obstacles and challenges during the SDK 3.0 integration.

What's best? You'll enjoy a transparent, data-proven, and independent alternative to set up your in-app monetization regardless of any merges 😉.

Here's a sneak peek of our new features:

  • Greatly improved the distribution of Appodeal SDK via the Unity Package Manager tool.
  • API fully commented: Working with the Unity plugin inside IDEs now is faster & 100% user-friendly.
  • Demo Scene redesigned: Better & more accessible options to set up your in-app monetization.
  • Test Ads in the Unity Editor: No need to build your project whenever you want to test your ad units.
  • Automated configuration for Attribution Services: Simplified the process of setting up your attribution tools in Unity for both Android & iOS platforms.

Upgrade to Appodeal SDK 3.0!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what we’re planning for this new version of the Appodeal SDK 3.0.

Move to this more convenient version of Appodeal, unlock plenty of new functionalities, and be prepared for future improvements. 

Upgrading to the latest Appodeal SDK will help you stay updated on the latest changes in the ever-changing mobile ad industry and will enable you to better grow, analyze, and monetize your Apps & Games to your users' needs.

Get the latest version of our Appodeal SDK 3.0 here. 

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Marc Llobet
Product Marketing & Growth @ Appodeal
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Appodeal 3 min read

Appodeal partners with Adjust to enrich its growth platform with Attribution Insights 

Austin, TX (June 23, 2022) – Appodeal announced today that it has joined forces with Adjust, the mobile marketing analytics platform, to deliver a growth experience to all mobile app and game creators. With this partnership, all Appodeal users now have access to their user acquisition (UA) and attribution data from a single dashboard. By […]

Appodeal 3 min read

Marc Llobet
Marc Llobet

Ad Monetization 7 min read  - October 20, 2022

In-App Bidding for Mobile Studios: the most efficient way to increase your ARPDAU & Revenue.

Triple-A & mid-size studios are sky-rocketing their revenues this 2023 thanks to In-App Bidding. Learn the Why's behind its sucess & What comes next for this revolutionary model!

Triple-A & mid-size studios are sky-rocketing their revenues this 2022 thanks to In-App Bidding. 

We're just a few months away from 2023. Still, the industry has gathered enough data from publishers and app developers to conclude that In-App Bidding is the most efficient way to monetize mobile apps & games. 

Advertisers now have a broader inventory, making it easier to attribute ad spending. And, despite new regulations & laws on data privacy, users still appreciate better-targeted, relevant ads. 

However, the global adoption of App-bidding is still ongoing as many mobile studios & app developers are unaware of its benefits.

Table of contents:

In-App Bidding VS Waterfall Setup: differences explained

Let’s admit it. The waterfall setup was an industry standard for years until In-app bidding came and replaced it. 

Although the ad waterfall model was a revolutionary concept back then, nowadays we must say it is pretty outdated. Ad waterfall still can hold its ground, but there are better options that adapt to the latest industry's needs. 

The waterfall monetization model delivers ads from networks based on their historical eCPMs. Essentially, an advertiser will first try to sell inventory directly, but if they can't, they will pass the impression to premium ad networks.

The inventory will fall as a waterfall. Whenever an ad impression becomes available, the publisher’s mediation platform would call demand sources one at a time according to the historical price. 

This process creates an ad setup prone to mistakes and lost revenue. The winning network’s payout isn’t necessarily the highest available among all integrated ad providers. 

Waterfall bidding

Contrary to the traditional waterfall standard, In-App bidding allows all demand partners to bid simultaneously, letting the highest bidder take the win and the publisher maximize revenue for every impression. 

In-App bidding brings major benefits for every agent involved in the ad exchange process: the game studio, the advertiser, and the mediator.

Extra: If you want to know more about all the benefits of in-app bidding, we highly recommend you to read our other article, “Benefits of In-App Bidding”.

Top features of In-App Bidding

Now that you know the main differences between the ad waterfall and the in-app bidding model, let’s look at some of its main features. 

Differences between in-app bidding and waterfall bidding

Increased demand

In-app bidding increases demand ad inventory as more sources bid on a real-time auction. 

In other words, more competition among advertisers. And as demand rises, your metrics (such as CPM & ARPDAU) improve too.

Increased fill rates

In the mobile ad-tech business, the priority is to send as many ad impressions as possible. However, with the waterfall model, not all ad networks get a chance to fill in an ad space because of their historical data and inability to meet the set price floor.

With in-App Bidding, there are fewer chances of leaving good-quality ad impressions behind. As In-App bidding creates a real-time auction among all the ad networks, the publisher ensures more bids for each ad impression.

Full transparency

In-App advertisers need a clear understanding of their current and future possibilities.  

The waterfall model is quite variable, making it hard for mobile studios to estimate, predict, and scale their user reach. 

With In-App Bidding, however, all demand sources are treated as equal. This allows:

  • A fair bidding space for every source 
  • While giving advertisers higher visibility of the available inventory & audiences.

A transparent environment empowers App studios and lets them make more informed and data-proven decisions. 

Reduced latency & better UX for users

Latency can be a big turn-off for app users. And sometimes, exiting the app becomes the only option for users when a rewarded video doesn't load quickly. 

In-App bidding brings to the table fewer steps in the ad-serving process. Ads load faster, allowing users to enjoy a seamless and unique experience. 

Improved efficiency

Generally speaking, waterfall bidding requires more maintenance compared with In-App Bidding. 

Monetization managers spend hours and energy optimizing their waterfalls based on their current reports. Automatization has indeed improved a lot in the last few years. 

Smart algorithms have eased the pain of this tedious process, but game studios still have to do manual tasks in some scenarios.

In-App Bidding is entirely automated. Studios now have more time to focus on developing other areas of the monetization strategy, instead of setting up ad waterfalls.

The success of In-App Bidding so far

Without proof, we would never write a blog about the benefits of In-App Bidding. So let’s move to another topic that matters even more: metrics & success stories of In-App Bidding. 

Since 2018, Appodeal has been pushing forward the In-App Bidding technology. While the rest of the ad-tech industry focused on waterfalls, we were pioneers in In-App Bidding and started testing and experimenting with our partners. 

Back in the day, and only after eight months of experiments, the participating app’s ARPDAU demonstrated a 30% increase, and its eCPM also increased by 17%. 

We kept making improvements, setting up In-App Bidding in other games. For example, we integrated Appodeal’s ad mediation SDK with In-App Bidding enabled to give WordBakers access to over 70 top ad networks and DSPs. Our team could fine-tune the monetization setups that led to ARPU increasing by 20% in a month

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. 

But as we always say, it’s better to try for yourself.

Mobile Studios are increasing their revenues with in-app bidding over waterfall bidding

With Appodeal, you can integrate In-App Bidding networks seamlessly into your monetization setup. You have plenty of options, and we’re working to integrate even more so your monetization strategy adapts to you, instead of adapting to the ad provider’s requirements.

You will find plenty of resources in our Appodeal Help Center & in our FAQ.

So… are Ad Waterfalls still viable?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. 

Despite its numerous flaws, the ad waterfall model is still a viable option in 2022. 

Many ad networks have already transitioned from the waterfall model to In-App Bidding. Appodeal support most of them, so we know that firsthand. However, some may need more time (technologically speaking) to finally transition from one model to another. 

You may want to experiment with In-App header Bidding but still don’t feel ready to move from the ad waterfall model. With Appodeal, you can use a Hybrid format. This way, you will use both In-App Bidding and Waterfall setups to elevate even more ad revenue for mid-size studios.

In Appodeal's Hybrid Monetization model, every time a user requests an ad impression, we run a quick check in both models simultaneously to see if higher-earning ads are available outside of the In-App Bidding auction. 

This way, the ad request goes out through Appodeal’s server simultaneously to the In-App Bidding ad networks and determines the auction's winner.

So the whole process would look like this:

  1. The user requests an Ad Impression (on your mobile app). 
  2. The request first goes through the process of In-App Bidding.
  3. The server determines the auction winner (the highest eCPM available)
  4. At the same time,  your request goes out through Appodeal’s server to quickly see if there’s a better offer (higher eCPM) available outside of the bidding auction and within the waterfall model. 
    1. If your ad waterfall does not have an Ad Network with a higher eCPM than the winner of the “In-App Bidding auction”, then the impression is attributed to the In-App Bidding network. 
    2. However, if your ad waterfall setup has an ad network with higher eCPMs than the auction's winner, the ads from the waterfall will run first instead. 

This solution allows you to get the best out of both worlds. 

With a Hybrid monetization setup, you achieve the highest revenue available regardless of where the winning ad comes from. 

Any app can benefit from a hybrid approach to monetization.

Still, In-App Bidding is especially popular among mobile gaming apps with In-App Purchases options + In-App ads, as they usually prioritize more non-disruptive UX (User eXperiences)

In-App bidding Mid-2022, where are we at?

So the question is no longer if mid-size mobile studios should integrate in-app bidding but how to seamlessly integrate it. 

It’s time to take advantage of all its benefits, expand your “monetizable” audience, and stop restricting yourself by using outdated ad monetization models.

To effectively achieve a better optimized In-App ad strategy, we recommend that you slowly transition from the waterfall model to the hybrid format.

As stated by Kamil Nasroullaev, Head of Advertising Network at myTarget:

(...)latest test results show that using a hybrid monetization model - both bidding + waterfall - brings more income. Each publisher needs to test different models and determine the best option for their applications to increase their ad monetization revenue consistently.”

Mobile apps & games that rely solely on In-App purchases or paid downloads are missing significant revenue. In-App Bidding revolutionized the mobile advertising industry, bringing more fairness to the auctions and better efficiency of processes. 

A hybrid ad monetization model will empower you to maximize revenue by:

  • Unlocking the monetization potential of most of your users, 
  • creating a large user base with more diverse segments, 
  • and increasing the overall retention rate & engagement rate.

But again, it’s up to you to stay competitive in the coming times. At Appodeal, we will always help you to adapt your current monetization strategy, and turn your apps into top-earning hits!

In-App Ad eCPM Performance Index 2022

Want to keep up with other trends that are already shaping the performance of mobile ads & monetization strategies?

In our 'In-App Ad Performance Index 2022' report, we analyze data from 6 different regions, 3 Ad formats, +70 ad demand sources, and +100.000 Apps in 12 months to break down a comprehensive analysis that will help you optimize you supercharge your mobile advertising based on Region, Format, and Ad Demand sources. 

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Patricia Weil
Patricia Weil
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Ad Monetization < 1 min read

Holidays App Monetization Tips from GameRefinery [VIDEO]

We've chatted with Kay Gruenwoldt at GameRefinery to uncover some tried and tested methods that you can also implement around the holiday period to boost your app’s revenue.

Ad Monetization < 1 min read

Marc Llobet
Marc Llobet

Ad Monetization 4 min read  - September 15, 2022

Appodeal’s Mobile In-App Ad Monetization Performance Index 2022' Edition is now available

6 different regions, 3 ad formats, 2 platforms,+70 ad demand sources, +100.000 apps & +200 BILLION impressions turned into digestible charts that you can access to optimize your mobile ads.

Over the past few years, the Mobile Ad industry has experienced a rapid and massive transformation increasing the amount of data available to those responsible for decision-making. With a reliable framework - based on solid evidence - now App and Game developers can measure outputs beyond mere profits to better interpret metrics such as eCPMs, impressions, and fill rates.

In our newest In-App Ad Monetization Performance Index Report, we have dived into the deepest oceans of data (known as tedious and never-ending spreadsheets) to draw a comprehensive analysis that will help you optimize your ad formats based on Region, Format, and Ad Demand sources. 

If you’re looking to supercharge your mobile advertising - our Mobile In-App Ad Monetization Performance Index 2022’ is a MUST.

New call-to-action

More data, metrics & charts than ever!

This year we’ve analyzed 

  • 6 different regions (USA, Europe West, Europe East, Middle East, Asia & Latin America)
  • 3 ad formats (Rewarded Video, Interstitial & Banner), 
  • 2 platforms (IOS + Android,
  • +100.000 apps, 
  • +70 ad Demand sources, 
  • and +200 BILLION impressions 

And we turned all this data into digestible charts that you can now access to optimize your monetization efforts. 

Global overview

A fully interactive map where you can scout, in each country, the average eCPMs per platform and Ad Type. 

And to make your life easier, we have also created a chart with the top 20 countries with the highest eCPMs!

Adapt your monetization strategies on your top markets with data on eCPM countries per Ad type, a year-over-year market growth analysis, and a monthly eCPM evolution analysis in conjunction with Fill Rates and ARPU performance.

eCPM & ARPU Monthly evolution

Do you want to boost your ad incomes during specific months? Or maybe you’re worried about the ups and downs of your eCPMs over the year?

This section will help you understand the monthly trends of the eCPMs, per each market & ad format. 

And next to it, you will also find a new set of data, never distributed in any other previous Performance Index, that will tell you the trends on ARPU & Fill-Rates. 

Ranking of Mobile Ad Networks

Probably the most demanded chart of our Performance Index. This year, we made it more comprehensive and accessible.

 Instead of the previous convoluted layout of icons, this year we decided to represent it as a bar chart, where you can see at first glance, which ad network had more presence in the industry, but also easily compare their eCPMs.

And again, we have added a new pie chart, next to this rank, to be more transparent on the real revenue share of each ad network.

Find detailed insights by region to benchmark, compare and gauge your monetization setup!

Ranking of Ad Categories

A completely new set of charts! Data never shared before!

People have been requesting me about eCPMs per category since I took over the Performance Index in 2019, and I have finally decided to add it to this 2022 version!

Check the eCPM ranking by categories, in both Android & iOS! Compare the average earns with your current app’s or game’s category, and check if you can keep improving your monetization strategy & setup!

A whole new section will help you better understand which ad units implement to maximize your revenue based on current trends. 

New call-to-action

New design & Layout for Performance Index 2022!

In this year’s report, we also added new interactive functionalities to help you gather the data more comfortably. Yeah, we don’t like long and boring reports either. We are some straight-to-the-point kinda guys. 😎

So instead of reading through repetitive charts that don’t necessarily meet your interests, now you can select just the data that matters to you the most from our drop-down menus. In addition, you can find more details by hovering your mouse over each data point.

Key Findings in Ad-Tech Industry this 2022

Mobile In-App Ad Monetization Performance Index 2022
  • In 2022 H1, the USA has kept steady fill rates & increased their ARPU, while all the other markets have seen a strong decrease in these metrics.
  • On iOS, eCPMs in the top-20 countries have grown, compared to the previous year. However, on Android, they’ve been somewhat stable.
  • eCPMs in full-screen ads have increased in all markets during 22Q2.
  • The Middle East market has been added to this year's ‘22 report. Its high eCPMs have made this geo more relevant in ad monetization strategies.
  • On iOS, banner ads eCPMs in emerging countries had steady growth. However, in some countries, this may have happened because the fill rates have plummeted.

As the only one of its kind in the industry, this report ranks various Ad Demand sources and Ad Formats based on the overall revenue they generated for publishers with our ad mediation SDK integrated in H1 2022. 

We did the boring work. 

Now it's your turn to navigate through all the charts & insights, and adapt your monetization strategies to get the most out of this!

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Marc Llobet
Product Marketing & Growth @ Appodeal
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Appodeal 3 min read

What’s Appodeal’s logic behind impression count?

One of the first things you see on your Appodeal Dashboard is impression count numbers. You’re probably wondering how these numbers are composed and why there might be discrepancy between numbers we display and numbers provided by each network separately.

Appodeal 3 min read

Marc Llobet
Marc Llobet

Ad Monetization 2 min read  - August 31, 2022

How to test Hundreds of Ad Creatives every week?

Appodeal's BidManager allows you to automate time-consuming tasks like launching new campaigns in bulk or A/B testing creatives in different ad networks in a matter of minutes.

Top mobile companies usually manage hundreds of different ads every week to promote their apps and games. They are constantly releasing new ad creatives, testing and updating them, and adapting them to new markets…

When you have hundreds of ads that promote your games with different messages will cause less ad fatigue on your public. 

And you may be wondering… why should I care about ad fatigue? Because of this way…

  1. Your campaign's performance will increase,
  2. Your costs are more stable,
  3. and you can find out which features, designs, or messages can be added to the game.

However, for most mobile developers, managing hundreds of ads and tons of campaigns takes a lot of time and energy.

Introducing Bid Manager

This is why, at Appodeal, we have developed BidManager: a tool that allows you to manage hundreds of ad creatives in one dashboard.

BidManager simplifies your UA efforts and makes you save time and money. 

Time-consuming tasks, like launching new campaigns in bulk, or A/B testing creatives in different ad networks can now be done in minutes.

Also, from the BidManager, you’ll be able to gather all the metrics of your ad campaigns and create automatic reports. This makes it easier to analyze cross-platform data. Imagine just being able to check, for example, if a specific ad works better in a particular country, ad network, user segment, or any other filter.

And what about having all your marketing assets stored in one single place? Or uploading ad creatives to dozens of media channels with just one click? Or even creating new ad sets, and assigning them to different channels and campaigns?

And the list of advantages goes on and on.

Integrating Bid Manager

You can integrate BidManager with your top ad networks, such as Facebook, Google Ads, and other big mobile traffic networks.

And last but not least, start A/B testing your ad creatives to find out what works best for you:

  • Do you want to test popular trends in your ad campaigns?
  • Or make small adjustments to specific ads for non-converting users?
  • Maybe feature new core mechanics and check how people receive them?
  • And placing them in different markets and countries to compare their performance?
  • Or promote specific in-app products when targeting your competitors’ users?

All of that, and more, is possible with BidManager.

Try it from your Appodeal dashboard, and start taking control of all your bids, status, budget campaigns, and ad creatives.

It’s easy. It’s smart. It’s Appodeal.

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Patricia Weil
Patricia Weil
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Growth 4 min read

Industry experts talk about monetization metrics

Game Connection is an excellent event for developers to find partners, meet publishers, and share industry insights. In November 2017, Appodeal decided to host a panel called “Monetization Metrics for Success,” and invited industry experts to share their opinions and experience.

Growth 4 min read

Marc Llobet
Marc Llobet

Ad Monetization 2 min read  - August 9, 2022

How to Automate your UA Campaigns to save time & money

For mobile developers lacking time, the key to ensure top-performing ads relies on the ability to manage metrics efficiently and make data-driven decisions fast. Really fast.

When scaling an app and spending your budget on user acquisition campaigns, if you don’t want to lose money, you need to be fast and take action at the right moment.

For mobile developers with growing projects, it’s not easy to keep your ads updated. The mobile market is constantly shifting, and your team needs to focus on development.

In the end, it all comes down to a single question: stay competitive or keep growing?

At Appodeal we say, both.

Growth & Staying Competitive with Appodeal

Because when you use Appodeal, you can now see all your UA campaigns in a single dashboard, and automate all the tedious tasks to save time and money.

Now you can manage your ad campaigns, scale them and optimize your spending across all your channels.

Let’s say, for example, that you want to find, among all your UA campaigns, which have a negative ROI (return of investment)

  1. From this screen, you can check the performance of all your UA campaigns across all channels, and disable the ones that are making you lose money.
  2. Or you can improve those low-performing campaigns with Bid Manager. In just a few steps, you can set up your payback window, and don’t let them ruin your marketing budget.

And that’s just a quick example.

What you can do with Appodeal Dashboard?

Through the Appodeal dashboard, you can easily create new UA campaigns, or add existing ones. No matter the source of the campaigns, or their bid strategy.

Appodeal gives you plenty of tools to automate your growth strategy, and let you stay competitive:

  • First, you can send and analyze all your metrics with a first-class Business Intelligence tool.
  • Also, backed by powerful Artificial Intelligence, you can automate your ad bidding, with recommended Target CPA. This will help you adjust your Cost per Acquisition and save money on your campaigns.
  • And last but not least, you can manage the status, bids, and budgets of all your UA campaigns from one place. By setting a “payback window,” you can automatically adjust your bid across all campaigns.

You are always in control of what is happening in your apps and games.

You can customize your Appodeal dashboard any way you want.

Decide which KPIs you want to monitor, and start tracking all your user Acquisition Campaigns, no matter which channel they come from.

And with just two clicks, you can adjust ALL the status of your campaigns, change bids, modify your current budget… or do it manually, one by one, from a single dashboard.

Stop wasting time and automate your growth with Appodeal.

Stay competitive, focus on what matters, and turn your apps and games into top-earning hits!

It’s easy. It’s smart. It’s Appodeal.

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Marc Llobet
Product Marketing & Growth @ Appodeal
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Ad Monetization 2 min read

How to Automate your UA Campaigns to save time & money

For mobile developers lacking time, the key to ensure top-performing ads relies on the ability to manage metrics efficiently and make data-driven decisions fast. Really fast.

Ad Monetization 2 min read

Marc Llobet
Marc Llobet