January 24, 2022

How User Acquisition affects your Organic & ROAS metrics?

...forecast the ROAS of your UA campaigns, and the revenue of all the organic users that you will also get from them!

User Acquisition Campaigns bring paid users, but… did you know they also affect your ROAS & Organic Installs?

When launching a UA campaign, your organic reach gets boosted too. More exposure means a higher number of installs... People start talking about your app, it becomes trendy, and you attract more users from other non-paid sources.

However, it’s NOT easy for app developers to calculate the real and effective Return of your Ad Spending, also known as eROAS.

Calculating your ROAS Automatically

But what if I tell you that you can forecast the impact of your UA Campaigns, completely automatically and without any effort? 

What if I tell you… that you can find, not only the ROAS of your paid installs but also the potential revenue of all the organic users that you will also get from a paid UA Campaign?

Because NOW you can do this!... with your Appodeal Growth Platform.

By crossing all your data & metrics from your monetization, user acquisition, and analytics, our algorithm can calculate the forecasted Life Time Value, and attribute the real growth of your app to your UA Campaigns.

As you can see, this opens a world of growth and possibilities for your apps!

Why should you care about your ROAS

With the eROAS, the Effective Return of Ad Spend, you may find that your User Acquisition campaigns are performing better than you think. There are several practical scenarios here:

  • Maybe, you are about to stop a paid campaign you believe is not performing well, but in reality, it has an outstanding organic reach.
  • Or maybe you are hesitant to increase your marketing budget, because you don’t know how many installs or profits you will get.

But thanks to the Appodeal forecasted metrics, such as “effective ROAS” or “effective ARPU”, now, you can predict your organic revenue along with your UA campaigns… Or better said, you can effectively scale your apps.

How to find your effective ROAS

Let me show you how it works.

When you open your Appodeal dashboard and create a new report, you can now check ROAS and effective-ROAS.


In this example, you can see how the forecasted “effective Return of Ad Spend” is 20% higher than the other metric.

And, to get these forecasts, you don’t have to do anything! The Appodeal algorithm takes care of it! It is completely automatic!

You only have to align your data in your Appodeal Dashboard, and, in no time, you will find which UA campaigns have the best “cost-opportunity” to grow your business!

The Appodeal Forecasts give you a huge competitive advantage! This is something that only top mobile companies have! Most of the apps can only rely on UA attributed data and past benefits.

But, by using the Appodeal forecasted metrics, you can stay ahead of your competitors, scale your apps, and turn them into top-earning hits.

It’s easy. It’s smart. It’s Appodeal.

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