Ad Monetization
August 31, 2022

How to test Hundreds of Ad Creatives every week?

Appodeal's BidManager allows you to automate time-consuming tasks like launching new campaigns in bulk or A/B testing creatives in different ad networks in a matter of minutes.

Top mobile companies usually manage hundreds of different ads every week to promote their apps and games. They are constantly releasing new ad creatives, testing and updating them, and adapting them to new markets…

When you have hundreds of ads that promote your games with different messages will cause less ad fatigue on your public. 

And you may be wondering… why should I care about ad fatigue? Because of this way…

  1. Your campaign's performance will increase,
  2. Your costs are more stable,
  3. and you can find out which features, designs, or messages can be added to the game.

However, for most mobile developers, managing hundreds of ads and tons of campaigns takes a lot of time and energy.

Introducing Bid Manager

This is why, at Appodeal, we have developed BidManager: a tool that allows you to manage hundreds of ad creatives in one dashboard.

BidManager simplifies your UA efforts and makes you save time and money. 

Time-consuming tasks, like launching new campaigns in bulk, or A/B testing creatives in different ad networks can now be done in minutes.

Also, from the BidManager, you’ll be able to gather all the metrics of your ad campaigns and create automatic reports. This makes it easier to analyze cross-platform data. Imagine just being able to check, for example, if a specific ad works better in a particular country, ad network, user segment, or any other filter.

And what about having all your marketing assets stored in one single place? Or uploading ad creatives to dozens of media channels with just one click? Or even creating new ad sets, and assigning them to different channels and campaigns?

And the list of advantages goes on and on.

Integrating Bid Manager

You can integrate BidManager with your top ad networks, such as Facebook, Google Ads, and other big mobile traffic networks.

And last but not least, start A/B testing your ad creatives to find out what works best for you:

  • Do you want to test popular trends in your ad campaigns?
  • Or make small adjustments to specific ads for non-converting users?
  • Maybe feature new core mechanics and check how people receive them?
  • And placing them in different markets and countries to compare their performance?
  • Or promote specific in-app products when targeting your competitors’ users?

All of that, and more, is possible with BidManager.

Try it from your Appodeal dashboard, and start taking control of all your bids, status, budget campaigns, and ad creatives.

It’s easy. It’s smart. It’s Appodeal.

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