What’s your best ad frequency?

What’s your most efficient waterfall configuration?

Which ad networks should you deactivate?

Learn what works best with your users, and scale your mobile apps & games.

Control the impact  of updates in your monetization

Use our A/B testing templates, evaluate new hypotheses, or experiment using your own metrics. 

Take control and A/B test anything of your monetization strategy.

You can even forecast the impact of your monetization on your player’s behavior, your UA campaigns, and other areas of your business.
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Boost Your Revenues: the Data-driven Way!

Smart questions generate great results!

When you should not spend time on A/B test? Only when you have clear signs that what you’re about to change will not cause any impact. Always start testing hypotheses where you expect major changes in your tested metrics.
Changes 1


How different frequency of full-screen ad impressions affects app economics.

Changes 2


How different banner refresh rates affect ARPU and retention.

Changes 3


The impact of high CPI networks on user retention and monetization.

Changes 4


Other waterfall and ad network configurations and their impact on ARPU.

Why A/B Test your Monetization?

Every mobile app is different, and players interact with you in a unique way.

Appodeal A/B testing features allow you to find your customers' ideal ad monetization strategy.
Ensure you’re always delivering the best user experience & avoid doing changes that can cause a major income loss.
Why A/B Testing

Trustworthy results

Appodeal allows you to create as many user segments and cohorts on an A/B test as you want.

A/A/B Testing

Working with 2 control groups provides more accurate results and avoids random results caused by extreme disparities in your data.

* Avoid using too many cohorts, as it will take more time to set up & analyze the data.


Assess the results!

Use the Reports tool from your Appodeal Growth Platform to verify the A/B Testing results of your monetization.
Take smarter decisions by crossing your data with other key data points & metrics.

* Ideally, when an A/B test delivers a revenue increase of +10%, it is considered successful.


Get the A/B Test Guide!

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Experiment with new Ad Setups, analyze the reports, and scale your mobile apps & games!