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How to get 150+ featured on Google Play in 3 months

The Success: from a Business Dream to a Successful Empire

Increasing organic reach by +250% with well-designed promo events

Business Empire: RichMan, an engaging mobile simulation game created by Ilya Artemov, has skyrocketed its organic reach in the app stores thanks to the Appodeal Accelerator Program.
Thanks to a series of promotional events, well strategized and implemented both in-game and in the product page app stores, Ilya’s game boosted the growth of his top game by +250% in over 175 countries.
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Organic Traffic
This strategic partnership with Appodeal enabled the game to unlock new levels of growth and revenue, cementing its status as a top contender in the mobile gaming market.
“I wanted to create an interactive business simulation mobile game, offering players a unique mix of strategy, investment, and human gameplay.
But the path to success was more than just creating a great app. For me, it was about finding the right partner to help monetize and scale my game. Appodeal's Accelerator Program came as a godsend.“
Ilia Artemov
Ilia Artemov,
creator of Business Empire: Richman

The Challenge

Reaching wide traffic with a limited marketing budget

Crafting a captivating gaming experience is only half the battle; the greater challenge often lies in scaling the heights of visibility and user engagement amidst a sea of competitors.
Business Empire already had decent conversion rates from the product page in Google Play, and started building the foundations for a dedicated player base. Yet the numbers were not scaling as one would anticipate for a game with such quality.
Yet, for sustained growth, reliance on sporadic visibility was not a strategy but a game of chance. The development team knew that their creation risked remaining an undiscovered treasure without consistent exposure in key markets.
Charts and analytics painted the picture of a game teetering on the edge of 'what could be'—its reach, impact, and revenue all waiting to be unlocked.
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The Solution

A tailored strategy of promotional events by the Accelerator spec-ops experts

Appodeal's tactical shift towards promotional events was a game-changer for Business Empire: RichMan. The solution was to infuse the game with a festive spirit, aligning marketing assets and in-game content with events like Halloween and Christmas. 
Mobile gaming specialists from the Appodeal Accelerator, applied their expertise in live operations (LiveOps), community management, and in-game event planning. They orchestrated a makeover of the in-game features to match the festive themes, resulting in more than cosmetic enhancements.
The Spec-Ops team also diligently worked on bug fixes and user experience (UX) improvements. Their objective was straightforward: optimize performance, streamline navigation, and enhance gameplay mechanics.
"With Appodeal's help, we timed our in-game updates perfectly around the holidays, and it clicked with our players. They really got into the new features, and it showed in our numbers."
Ilia Artemov,
creator of Business Empire: Richman
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The Results

Monumental Organic Growth with Promo Events

In the last quarter of the year, Business Empire saw an increase of over 250% in organic user acquisition, a testament to the efficacy of the targeted festive events.
The engagement strategy yielded 150+ features on Google Play, concentrating on key markets with the most dynamic growth and engagement.
The trend in the unique viewership charts could be likened to two towering peaks, symbolizing the substantial growth in attention Business Empire: RichMan received. The days marked by "Featured on Google Play" events stand out, showing a clear correlation with spikes in user interest.
The metrics speak volumes about the conversion rate. Initially, the CVR (conversion rate) was 0.2%, but it ascended to 0.35% after the implemented game enhancements and marketing asset updates. This substantial increase was not fleeting; the game maintained a robust CVR well above the industry standard for similar mobile games, peaking at nearly 0.4% on the most lucrative days.
"We didn't just hit our targets; we exceeded right past the usual benchmarks for games like ours. It's all about getting the right updates out at the right time and keeping your players hooked"
Ilia Artemov,
creator of Business Empire: Richman

Business Empire: RichMan

Business Empire: RichMan immerses players in the challenging world of entrepreneurship. This strategy-simulation game revolves around building and expanding a business empire, appealing to those with a keen sense of management and economic tactics. Ideal for fans of the strategy and simulation genres, Business Empire: RichMan targets a mature audience, finding its strongest markets in North America and Western Europe.

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