August 5, 2022

Appodeal's in-app bidding solution BidMachine is officially supported by AppLovin MAX

BidMachine RTB enables AppLovin MAX publishers to connect without any custom integrations.

AUSTIN, TX, August 1, 2022, Appodeal, an all-in-one growth platform for mobile app businesses, announced today a partnership with AppLovin through BidMachine.

BidMachine will integrate its in-app bidding solution on AppLovin’s monetization platform MAX as an SDK bidding network. By becoming a new demand partner, BidMachine’s real-time bidding auction enables MAX publishers to connect to BidMachine’s demand without having to do custom integrations

As the in-app ad industry continues its migration from waterfall monetization, where eCPM is historically estimated, to in-app bidding, the latter gains more strength and becomes the new standard across in-app advertising. While the mobile app market becomes more complex and regulated, companies adopt new tactics and advanced solutions in the face of these challenges. Being one of the market’s first in-app bidding solutions, BidMachine continues to evolve fast to address the growing demand for fair competition and transparency in ad tech.  

BidMachine - MAX partnership is the perfect symbiotic relationship. Both companies see it critical to building lasting customer relationships through a powerful technological and demand ecosystem.” - says Fernando Granata, Business Performance Director at BidMachine. Granata added, “In-app bidding allows advertisers to see more publisher inventory and publishers’ inventory to be available to more advertisers, which makes it a more democratized advertising solution all parties benefit from”.

Fernando Granata, Business Performance Director @ BidMachine

The BidMachine integration is available to MAX clients globally beginning July 26, 2022. Enabling BidMachine is simple and outlined in a step-by-step dedicated integration guide.

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