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Q4 2020 Mobile In-App Ad Monetization Worldwide eCPM Performance Report

we've been non-stop extracting and analyzing millions of data gathered from our partners and networks, only to provide you with the earliest insights of what happened during the last quarter of 2020.

Happy new year! What better way to start 2021 by updating our eCPM Performance Report! This past weekend we’ve been non-stop extracting and analyzing millions of data from +70 Ad Networks, only to provide you with the earliest insights about what happened during the last quarter of 2020.

With this Mobile in-App Ad eCPM report, now you know where to focus all your efforts and how to start implementing all the ideas and strategies that you’ve been planing.

In this short, you can learn all about markets, platforms & ad types, and how they have increased their eCPMs from September to December 2020. Find new opportunities to promote your game and optimize the ad waterfall strategy of your apps & games according.

In case you want a broader spectrum of the mobile in-app ad industry, check our Q3’2020 In-App Ad eCPM report, and the annual 2020 Mobile In-App Ad Monetization Performance Index, 50-Pages long, where we analyzed how the COVID-19 impacted the In-App Ad Industry during the first half of the year.

Navigate through the maps, charts and graphics we’ve prepared for you, along a summary of the top key insights per each ad format:

Rewarded Video Ads eCPM in Mobile Apps & Games

Key Insights of Rewarded Video Ads:

  • On iOS, the mature markets have seen strong eCPMs in the Rewarded Video Ad formats up until November. Then, as we get closer to Christmas, the eCPM tends to lower down, being the USA market the one with the highest impact.
  • Something similar happens on Android. The eCPMs of Rewarded Video Ads seems to fall a bit in December on English-speaking markets. Japan shows an increase during that time though.
  • Emerging Markets on iOS & Android eCPMs seem a bit more stable. While on the first platform there’s a slight decrease during December, on Android the trend tends to raise.
  • On iOS, USA Markets is still way ahead on the charts, with an eCPM over 70% higher than the second place, Australia. However, on Android, Australia has gotten in the first position, closely followed by the USA.
  • It is also remarkable to find so many Asiatic countries in the top-10 charts, such as Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, China, or South Korea, for both iOS & Android platforms.

Monthly Evolution of Rewarded Video eCPMs in Mature & Emerging Countries:

Global Map of Rewarded Video eCPMs for Q4’2020:

Mobile Ad Monetization Performance Index H1 2020

Full-Screen Ads eCPM in Mobile Apps & Games

Key Insights of Full-Screen Ads:

  • When analyzing the eCMPs on Full-Screen Ads for iOS, mature markets seem to raise during November. Not until we arrive in late December, the eCPMs start to fall down in some countries such as the UK or Australia.
  • It is remarkable to see how China has higher eCPMs than the UK on iOS. In December, eCPMs are even higher than in Australia.
  • Android eCPMs on Full-Screen Ads seems to have a growing pattern. They gain strength in November and keep pulling up in the charts in December in most of the Top Markets.
  • The USA still maintains the Top-1 position for the eCPM in Full-Screen Ads, and it is still way ahead of the other markets such as Australia, Canada, UK, Japan & China.

Monthly Evolution of Full-Screen eCPMs in Mature & Emerging Countries:

Global Map of Full-Screen eCPMs for Q4’2020:

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Banner Ads eCPM in Mobile Apps & Games

Key Insights of Banner Ads:

  • On iOS, we must point out the extreme growth of the eCPM in the UK, having in December almost an x2 increase of October. It is very unusual to see that the UK has the same eCPM in iOS banners as the USA.
  • The rest of the mature markets seem to follow their own trend in both iOS and Android. While the USA has to be closely followed to establish a proper strategy, Australia seems to almost replicate their eCPM on both platforms, making it easier to approach.
  • Emerging markets on the other side, in both Android and iOS, seem more stable. While they fluctuate a bit and, in some cases, they even peak in December, it allows a more relaxed approach for those developers who want to monetize on those markets.
  • The USA still mantains the top position compared to the rest of the countries, but in both platforms, the top-10 markets for banner eCPM are mostly from Europe or English-speaking regions.

Monthly Evolution of Banner eCPMs in Mature & Emerging Countries:

Global Map of Banner eCPMs for Q4’2020:

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Marc Llobet

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