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Business Intelligence

User Acquisition, Monetization and Product analytics combined in a single dashboard. Build customizable user cohorts, boost product improvements and UA events, and forecast LTV. Make efficient and real-time decisions to grow and market your app.

Multichannel UA Campaign Management

Simplify your UA campaigns and creative management and analysis across apps, ad channels, countries, and site IDs performance metrics.

Bid Management Automation

Bid Management Automation

Rely on bid management automation to quickly switch off campaigns with negative ROAS or create additional campaigns with target event optimization.

Creative Management Automation

Use creative management automation to test thousands of creatives weekly and choose the best ones for faster growth acceleration.
Creative Managemenе Automation


Top-notch monetization, a flagship product of Appodeal, that is fully integrated into our business intelligence and supports BI data. Run A/B tests to ensure alignment between monetization and product metrics or find the most profitable ad networks for your app.

Success Stories

NewPubCo: From scratch to million in just half a year


Millions From Scratch: Mobile business with NewPubCo’s Spades

Word Maker

Becoming Top #3 in the “Word Games” category: Word Maker

OpenMyGame: Acceleration in action

Word Pizza

How mobile game Word Pizza scaled monthly profits 6X


OpenMyGame tripled x3 the income, and so could you

G2 Winter 2023
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