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SDK 3.0

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ChatGPT & AI to boost your ASO (App Store Optimization)

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UA Quality
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Cutting Ad Budgets without sacrificing UA Quality

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Success Stories

x5.5 installs by scaling x3 the ad spend of a top studio in casual games

Forecasted eROAS D365
Increase in D7 retention
Scaling UA Campaigns, in 2 months, we decreased CPI by half & increased retention rates by 25%.
One does not simply increase their Ad Spend and, magically, the rest of the metrics increase too.
Sometimes, you spend more money, but you don’t get more installs. NewPubCo, a game studio developing casual games, learned that the hard way. However, the UA Experts at Appodeal quickly detected the situation and optimized their multiple ad campaigns.
By the next month, JoinBlocks metrics rocketed.
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Millions From Scratch: Mobile business with NewPubCo’s Spades

eROAS D365
A few months after joining the program, NewPubCo grew from a pilot project of the Appodeal Accelerator to the top-3 word game studio in the US, making its founder Vlad Gurgov a millionaire!
Thanks to the joint work of Appodeal’s User Acquisition, Ad Creative & Monetization teams, we tripled the installs in the United States. Also, we delivered a positive ROAS of D365 = 105.6%.
Despite its recent market entry, Spades was able to scale rapidly with the help of the Appodeal Accelerator program and began recovering all the development and UA costs in a matter of months.
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