Business Empire: Richman
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Making $15k a day as a sole Indie Developer

- Business Empire success

Find out how Business Empire skyrocketed their installs while boosting dau and retention rates to levels way above the industry average... thanks to Appodeal.

The Success

From a Business Dream to a Successful Empire

A few months after joining AAA Fun publisher, the daily income skyrocketed to $15k, and the numbers continue to rise. And that is only for Android. Right now, there is an iOS version in the builds.
With an ever-growing community of dedicated players who engage in lively YouTube discussions, run channels, and engage across various networks, our partnership with Appodeal paved the way for unprecedented scaling opportunities.
Initial Value
+6 mo. with Appodeal
Daily Revenue
Initial Value
Less than $ 1k
+6 mo. with Appodeal
Over $ 15k
Initial Value
Under 5k
+6 mo. with Appodeal
ARPU on D7
Initial Value
$ 0.05
+6 mo. with Appodeal
$ 1.05
Retention on D7
Initial Value
+6 mo. with Appodeal
“I wanted to create an interactive business simulation mobile game, offering players a unique mix of strategy, investment, and human gameplay.
But the path to success was more than just creating a great app. For me, it was about finding the right partner to help monetize and scale my game. Appodeal's Accelerator Program came as a godsend.“
Ilia Artemov
Ilia Artemov,
creator of Business Empire: Richman

The Challenge

Words from the Developer

As the creator of Business Empire, I am proud of seeing so many people enjoying it. However, I must admit that initially, even with a quite engaging game, it was challenging for me alone to monetize and increase its visibility.
Attracting more users for Business Empire: Richman and understanding the intricate world of app store promotion became time-consuming. I lacked expertise, as I never published any mobile game before. 
The question in the table was not the quality of the game, but how to reach more visibility in a saturated and unknown market.

Understanding the Numbers

Before partnering with Appodeal, we observed concerning figures in our revenue metrics:
eROAS D365: A primary indicator of game engagement and potential monetization. However, our revenue could have been much higher than we envisioned for Business Empire: Richman.
ARPU on D7: Hovering at a mere $0.05, the potential to increase the Average Revenue Per User on day 7 was pushing to rethink advertising strategies.
Retention on D7 To-Date: At 15%, the short-term retention within just seven days was not bad, but needed to be more satisfactory. This limited our ability to promptly reinvest in new campaigns.
The graph paints a clear picture: our initial revenue and ROAS metrics needed to meet the benchmarks we had set for Business Empire: Richman. The need for a strategic shift was evident.

The Revenue Puzzle

Operating with a very strict average monthly spend, Business Empire faced the challenge of maximizing its revenue without alienating the player base. Achieving a balance between revenue generation and user experience became the primary focus.
Determined to turn the tide, a partnership with the right expertise in mobile publishing was the next crucial step for Business Empire: Richman.
Business Empire

The Solution

Refined Monetization & Optimized User Acquisition

Appodeal strategically reallocated the User Acquisition (UA) spending, integrated UA Automation for real-time efficiency, and revamped the game's monetization by adjusting ad impressions and diversifying ad formats. 
The program was transformative; it sharpened the focus on user acquisition campaigns and granted us access to industry experts.

Reinvesting in UA Spending & using UA Automation

The first step with Appodeal was strategically reallocating all User Acquisition (UA) spending. By targeting areas that demonstrated the most potential, Ilia could maximize the UA investment, ensuring each dollar worked harder.
To streamline and automate the efforts of Business Empire, Appodeal also implemented its UA Automation technologies. UA Automation allowed Ilia to identify new high-valuable audiences, auto-adjusting bids, and budgets in real-time to get the best possible return.
"Appodeal's program was a true game-changer for us. Through its expert guidance, we could sharply define our user acquisition campaigns and pinpoint our target audiences. The invaluable insights provided empowered us to channel our resources and attention in the most impactful ways."
Ilia Artemov
Ilia Artemov,
creator of Business Empire: Richman

Tweaking our in-ad game Monetization

Business Empire monetization was due for an overhaul. Previously, the game's monetization strategy was limited; and relied solely on banners from just one ad network. This narrow approach was inhibiting its growth potential.
With Appodeal’s insights, it was easy to fine-tune the frequency of ad impressions per user, ensuring a balance between engagement and ad revenue. This also broadened the game’s horizons by incorporating a more diverse range of ad formats. Beyond the banners, Appodeal integrated rewarded video ads and interstitials, enhancing the whole monetization strategy.
Moreover, Appodeal connected more ad units to multiple ad networks. By doing so, maximized the reach to a wider audience across various markets and countries. This comprehensive approach maximized the brand awareness with players and optimized the ad revenue.

Expert Consultations

One of the invaluable facets of Business Empire collaboration with Appodeal was the access to industry experts in monetization and UA. These consultations equipped Ilia with actionable strategies, ensuring his game was on the path to sustainable growth.

The Results

Soaring Revenue and Enhanced ROAS

Ilia Artemov, the developer of Business Empire, witnessed a significant uplift in the key metrics, post-Appodeal integration. That translated to $15k daily generated income.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves:

After partnering with Appodeal, Business Empire: RichMan witnessed a transformative shift. Not only did the retention and ARPU experience unprecedented growth, but the game’s standing in the market also strengthened.
The following graphs highlight the robust impact of Appodeal’s strategies.
As evident, Business Empire estimated revenues skyrocketed as soon as the collaboration with Appodeal starte. The eROAS D365 and ROAS D7 values experienced substantial uplifts. Business Empire: RichMan's journey with Appodeal has been nothing short of transformative through strategic UA campaigns, fine-tuned monetization, and leveraging expert insights.
Retention rates on Day 7 also got heavily boosted at the very early stage of the partnership. As time passed, and more users were acquired, the retention trend became more stable.
Today, Ilia is working on further updates for Business Empire. Adding more functionalities and mechanics that users request, fixing bugs, and adapting the game to iOS. But this is only the beginning of his journey.

Business Empire: RichMan

Business Empire: RichMan immerses players in the challenging world of entrepreneurship. This strategy-simulation game revolves around building and expanding a business empire, appealing to those with a keen sense of management and economic tactics. Ideal for fans of the strategy and simulation genres, Business Empire: RichMan targets a mature audience, finding its strongest markets in North America and Western Europe.

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