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Boosting +35% your Ad Revenues by Integrating the latest SDK

– x2 Apps’ Success

How two very different apps boosted their revenue by simply updating their SDK and integrating new ad networks.

The Success

Keeping your app’s SDK up-to-date is essential for staying competitive in the mobile app world. This isn’t just about app performance—it’s about making the most of your ad revenue.
To highlight how crucial SDK updates can be, for this success story we took two very different mobile apps: a Casual Game and Music App. And we applied the same solution to them. Both apps saw notable improvements in ad revenue after integrating new ad networks available through our latest SDK.
Casual Game 
Revenue Increase
Impact of New Network
Music App
Revenue Increase
Impact of New Network
Updating your SDK and adding new ad networks might sound technical, but it’s pretty straightforward with Appodeal. These apps benefited quickly from simple tweaks to their setup. 
Do you want to know how we did it? The full story will show you how manageable improving your app’s performance can be.

The Challenge

Mobile developers, particularly from smaller studios, often struggle to stay competitive due to outdated SDKs and limited ad network integrations. This hesitance to embrace frequent updates and expand ad networks stymies potential revenue growth, leaving valuable monetization opportunities untapped.
For this reason, the following success story focuses on two very different mobile apps: a casual game, and a music app. Their ad revenue underperformed due to insufficient ad network integration and reluctance to update technical setups, which are crucial for optimizing ad impressions and user engagement.
Appodeal's latest SDK release tackled these issues by simplifying the integration of new ad networks and optimizing ad mediation with minimal developer input. This strategic update was designed to make high-performing ad tech solutions accessible and manageable, even for developers with limited resources.

The Solution

Appodeal's approach to enhancing ad monetization for our partners involved a significant update to our SDK, incorporating four new ad networks accessible via Appodeal Mediation. This update was crucial in broadening the ad network options available to developers, allowing them to tap into previously unexploited revenue streams.
The focal point of this update was the integration of a particularly effective new ad network, known for its strong performance in other applications. This network supports both bidding and ad blocks, features that are instrumental in maximizing revenue without disrupting user experience.
The integration process was designed to be exceptionally user-friendly: developers can activate the new ad network with just a few clicks through the Appodeal dashboard and easily adapt ad units within their games.
This ease of use is crucial in helping our partners keep pace with the dynamic mobile advertising landscape, ensuring they are always equipped with the latest revenue optimization tools.

The Results

Through strategic ad network integration and SDK updates, both applications not only achieved higher ad revenue but also demonstrated Appodeal’s platform's capability to enhance user engagement and optimize ad delivery efficiency without compromising the user experience.

Scenario #1: Casual Game

After the integration of the new Ad Network, the app soon started reaping compelling results.
Ad revenue increased by +25 % during the first month. Beyond that, 7.5% of the total revenue was attributed directly to the new network. 
Along with those metrics, we also perceived a modest 7% rise in total ad impressions during the first month, indicating an efficient utilization of the new network without overwhelming users with ads. 
The second month witnessed even more robust growth, with ad revenue climbing by 35%. Remarkably, 20% of the total income during this period came from Ad Network A, accompanied by a 22% increase in ad impressions. 
This data illustrates not just an increase in revenue but an enhancement in ad engagement efficiency.

Scenario #2: Music App

The Mobile Music App scenario was initially challenging, with nearly 75% of ad revenue concentrated in a single network, posing a high risk from volatility in ad source performance.
Post-integration of a new ad network, the first month saw a 10% increase in ad revenue, with the new ad network generating almost 40% of total revenue. 
Impressions increased by only 3.5%, demonstrating that the new network effectively filled more user ad requests previously unmet by other networks. 
In the second month, the revenue uplift continued at almost 15%, with ad impressions rising by 5%.
The distribution of ad revenue remained stable, reinforcing the resilience added by diversifying ad network sources.

Casual Game and Music App

Music & Games categories
From time to time, we create Success Stories featuring multiple apps from very different categories to showcase how, sometimes, simple solutions can be easily replicated and provide good results.
In this complex and fast-paced industry, we all know there’s not a one-size-fits-all, but there are solutions that are definitely worth a shot, as they work in most cases. 

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