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Becoming Top 3 in Word Games – Word Maker Success

A few months before reaching the Top 3 in the word games category, Word Maker had 8k installs in the USA.

The Success

Installs in only 3 months
eROAS (reducing CPI by half)
Top 3
Rank in “Word Games” category
Word Maker was growing mostly thanks to organic efforts and cross-promoted installs with other apps from the company.
NewPubCo also had some performance campaigns running, but the CPI (Cost per Install) was so high that they had a very limited budget allocated to them.

The Challenge – From Niche Markets to a Global Success

When the Appodeal team of experts took the responsibility of growing Word Maker, they found out that the eROAS on D365 (estimated Return Over Ad Spend) was not very promising.
The current user acquisition campaigns created by the Word Maker team need to be first optimized. Only after they were fixed, the Appodeal team could start scaling them and adding more ad variations to test their effectiveness on different targets.
NewPubCo, a mobile developing team with previous success with other games, was doing a fine job, but they still had some margin for improvement.

The Solution: Appodeal Accelerator Program

The team of experts in monetization and performance marketing at Appodeal joined forces to find ways to reduce the CPI and increase the ROAS of Word Maker.
For that, they approached the following three areas:

1. A/B testing the Ad Monetization Strategy

Appodeal A/B tested the current ad monetization strategy of Word Maker in that specific market (Android | USA) with its current users.
After a deep analysis, we discovered several opportunities to increase the Ad ARPU:
Optimizing the refresh rate of some banners and interstitials,
and adding extra Ad Units to deliver high-quality impressions from top ad networks.
Only with these two quick hacks, we boosted Word Maker’s Ad ARPU (Average Ad Revenue per User) by up to 18%.

2. Overhauling the User Acquisition Campaigns

On the other side, the User Acquisition team started editing and improving the ad creatives used to attract new users.
Pro-Tip: The Appodeal team discovered that the target audience of that specific performance campaign is open to a challenge. WIth that in mind, we developed an ad creative that dared players to correct the words.
Adapting the top-performing ads to the cultural preferences of the USA highly reduced their CPIs.

3. Adding AppGrowth as an ad network

The Appodeal team also used their secret weapon to boost UA campaigns: AppGrowth.
We overhauled the UA campaigns of Word Maker with an exclusive programmatic inventory, fueled by their owned data, based on their in-app events and tracked user behavior.

The Result: Becoming a Top #3 Hit!

All these efforts combined stepped up the quality of Word Maker UA campaigns, and boosted their eROAS D365 x3 times!
After checking all the KPIs, we realized it was time to scale up our UA campaigns.
Only 2 months later, the KPIs reached the threshold that the Appodeal team committed to.
Thanks to the Appodeal Accelerator, we gave enough funds and guidance to NewPubCo so they could scale their growth efforts.
Word Maker in the USA, Android, surpassed everyone’s expectations, by:
Increasing x20 the previous number of installs;
Boosting x3 the eROAS on D365 – with positive returns;
Reducing by half the CPI of the performance campaigns;
And reaching the Top 3 in the “Word Games” category.
Vlad Gurgov Video
Vlad Gurgov, NewPubCo

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