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Ad Creatives that Ensure Positive eROAS – Business Empire Success

How to transform ad challenges into revenue streams. The strategic partnership with Appodeal to create ad creatives oriented to convert and retain users.

The Success

Business Empire: RichMan, crafted by the game developer Ilya Artemov, offers an engaging tycoon simulation in which strategic decisions shape empires.
In the span of nine months, and with an overall monthly budget of 5/6 digits, most of the top metrics for the mobile game were boosted.
New UA Installs
eROAS D365
CPI vs. Industry Average
Thanks to Appodeal, the game launched a series of efficient and very creative user acquisition campaigns that boosted the game’s ROAS, along with the top KPIs (key performance indicators), unlocking new levels of growth.

The Challenge

From Indie to Industry Giant

Business Empire: RichMan's faced the challenge of optimizing key growth metrics within a competitive marketplace filled with similar titles. A common situation that deeply resonates within the UA community, where the success of a game is often a battle won through numbers and creativity.
Before Appodeal's partnership, the metrics for Business Empire: RichMan depicted unrealized potential. CPIs were not excessively high, but the IPMs (Installs per Mile) weren’t translating into sustainable growth. Moreover, the CVR (Conversion Rates) from impressions to installs indicated a campaign bleeding the UA budget without the muscle to show for it.

The Solution

A User Acquisition Blueprint for Growth 

Appodeal proposed to Ilya Artemov a UA Strategy that would be adequate to the needs of a newly released app such as Business Empire. With a holistic approach, we designed action points for the following areas:
UA Spend Reinvestment: After A/B testing with a few low-budget campaigns, we identified the ad networks and channels that were driving better results, with higher eROAS and Retention Rates. After that, the UA spend was scaled and diverted towards maximizing the impact of every dollar.
Automated UA: Leveraging advanced algorithms, we fine-tuned our targeting, achieving smarter user acquisition and retention. This allowed a major number of A/B tests of our ad creatives, developing further iterations on what was working, and allowing ourselves to explore more areas and game genres that would connect with Business Empire: Richman.
Accelerator Program Synergy: Appodeal's program was instrumental in refining our UA campaigns, offering unparalleled access to tools and analytics, and aligning our objectives with user demographics.
Expert Collaboration: Consulting with Appodeal's veterans, we dissected the intricacies of monetization and UA, integrating their insights into our strategy.

A User Acquisition Blueprint for Growth 

Each ad creative was carefully crafted to invite the viewer, leveraging the game's strengths and providing a taste of the strategic depth that 'Business Empire: RichMan' offers. By aligning these ad creatives with user motivations and in-app features, we didn't just capture attention; we sparked imaginations and motivated downloads.
Video Creative 1
Video Creative 2
Video Creative 3
The campaign kicked off with ad creatives that played on the aspirational contrasts of wealth, directly engaging the user's ego and competitive spirit. With creatives that challenged the viewer with a 'you' against 'her ex' perspective, we struck a chord with our audience's aspirations, directly correlating the in-app success with personal triumph.
Another creative showcased a user's journey from wealth to bankruptcy, emphasizing the strategic decisions one must make within the game. This narrative was crafted to resonate with the core gameplay mechanics of 'Business Empire' and appeal to the strategic minds of our target demographic.
We also produced creatives that highlighted the game’s economic strategy components, giving potential users a glimpse into the game's shipping and asset-building features. These creatives captured the essence of the in-app experience, promising a game that ventured into entrepreneurship and wealth-building.

The Results

Amplifying Performance with Precision and Expertise

Through A/B testing and optimization, we continuously refined these creatives, ensuring they performed optimally across various markets. With a focus on impactful storytelling and gameplay allure, our ad creatives were a crucial component in the game's user acquisition success story.
As the new strategies took hold, our metrics began to reflect the success of our targeted approach:
Results 1
Our CPI (Cost Per Install) fluctuated, mirroring the ups and downs of the marketplace and our strategic pivots. We observed a gradual increase in CPI, indicative of the growing value in the users we acquired - a reflection of our increasingly targeted approach. This uptick in CPI was met strategically with enhancements in ad creatives and user engagement strategies.
Results 2
The eROAS (Expected Return on Ad Spend) on Day 365 started from a peak that we expected to be soon recalibrated as we scaled and reached broader, yet still targeted, segments of users. 
"Our creative approach to mobile ads showcases the exciting possibilities within Business Empire, drawing players into the challenge of growing a global business empire from the palm of their hand."
Alena Davydchik,
Head of Creatives

Business Empire: RichMan

Business Empire: RichMan immerses players in the challenging world of entrepreneurship. This strategy-simulation game revolves around building and expanding a business empire, appealing to those with a keen sense of management and economic tactics. Ideal for fans of the strategy and simulation genres, Business Empire: RichMan targets a mature audience, finding its strongest markets in North America and Western Europe.

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