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30 Days to Double your Ad Revenues with the Right Ad Network - Mingle2 Success

Two months after we set up new ad networks, the Ad ARPU increased by x2.5, and the ad revenues were doubled. Find out how the right monetization setup in specific markets can be a game-changer.

The Success

A Match Made in Revenue Heaven

NextC, the company behind the fast-growing mobile app dating, Mingle2, reached Appodeal to find out how to boost their mobile business.
Our success team reviewed the ad networks operating in Mingle2’s monetization setup. Through the Appodeal growth platform, we analyzed the top-grossing markets and planned a series of quick and effective actions that scaled up most monetization metrics in only a few months.
Ad Revenues
Price Floors
“Appodeal has transformed our ad monetization strategy with detailed and transparent analytics. The platform’s insights have directly boosted our revenue, thanks to its depth and clarity.“
Thanh Nguyen
Thanh Nguyen,
CEO at NextC LLC

The Challenge

Mingle2 is all about creating meaningful connections between people. While the start-up was thriving and had fast-paced growth, NextC faced a universal struggle: transforming its service into a sustainable business without compromising quality or user experience.
Facing the vast dating app landscape, Mingle2 needed to find more lucrative app monetization methods.
Before Appodeal’s intervention, Mingle2 had a strong user engagement. Still, the key performance indicators (KPIs) for revenue revealed a stark reality:
Ad Revenue: The lifeblood of free-to-use apps, Mingle2's ad revenue was not reaching its full potential.
Ad ARPU: A crucial metric, the Average Revenue Per User from ads still had some margin for improvement in Mingle2. This directly resulted from not taking advantage of the right ad setup and connections with the right ad networks. 
Price Floors: This metric refers to the minimum price set for ad inventory. Before Appodeal's intervention, Mingle2's price floors had margin to be further optimized, leading to undervalued ad placements and missed revenue opportunities.
Mingle2 Online

The Solution

Appodeal proposed a series of ad monetization actions that promised to scale Mingle2's revenue generation in their weakest markets. Through small adjustments in the current ad setup, and crafting from scratch monetization strategies on specific markets, Mingle2 could generate more revenue and reinvest it in user acquisition (UA) and retention campaigns.

Quick fixes in the Monetization Setup

Appodeal reviewed all ad networks connected to Mingle2, to better understand the current traffic. After that, we adjusted the app’s ad monetization parameters, such as the number of ad impressions per user session, or the price floors per ad network. 
This ensured users remained engaged while getting the most for each ad impression, and retention not being negatively affected by pushing too many ads.

Adding new Ad Networks in the Monetization Strategy

Another crucial factor was to analyze the countries and geos of active users in Mingle2. With that, we could detect which ad networks had better eCPMs and revenue metrics on the app’s genre of Mingle2. 
After finding out the most efficient ad networks, given the specifications and audience of Mingle2, we decided to implement new ad networks in specific regions. One of the most relevant additions was Unity Ads, which -thanks to a precise setup configuration- caused a boost in the overall ad revenues of Mingle2.

Expert Consultation on UA & Business Growth

This new source of revenue for Mingle2 presented an opportunity to scale their mobile business. For this reason, NextC had access to Appodeal's pool of experts in monetization and user acquisition, providing them with a wealth of knowledge and strategic advice.
Appodeal provided expert consultation on how to reinvest the revenues. Through a series of marketing activities on several channels, Appodeal has presented a UA Strategy that forecasts a positive ROAS on D365.
Even if these forecasted metrics and tools are free to everyone who uses Appodeal -and our Growth Platform-, we have an Accelerator program that will give you guides and resources on navigating through these features.
“The exceptional support from our account manager, Kristina Bobrikova, and the Appodeal team, always ready to assist and optimize, has been a key factor in our success.“
Thanh Nguyen
Thanh Nguyen,
CEO at NextC LLC

The Results

The collaboration with Appodeal was a turning point for NextC, and their mobile app for dating, Mingle2.
The solution proposed quickly led to an increase in the key performance metrics (KPIs) that translated into significant revenue growth.
In less than 30 days, the ad revenue was doubled. Only three months later, we more than doubled the overall ad income of Mingle2.
In the previous chart, you can see Mingle2’s situation before Appodeal intervention, during Month 1. Once we started integrating new ad networks, things escalated quickly. As we kept doing adjustments and tweaks in the ad setup, in each specific market, the ad revenue never stopped growing.
Ad ARPDAU (Average Revenue per Daily Active User) was also positively influenced by the monetization adjustments and adding new ads networks. You can observe in the previous chart a steady increase in ARPDAU, increasing up to 200% by the end of the third month.
The results speak for themselves, with marked improvements across all monitored metrics.
For this success story, we removed the charts and graphs that would typically showcase total values and showed all data with percentages and increases to protect NextC's privacy.
The strategic partnership with Appodeal, highlighted by the Accelerator Program's tools and expertise, proved to be the catalyst that Mingle2 needed to realize its full earning potential.
“We have not only enhanced our efficiency but also significantly increased our ad earnings. We highly value our partnership with Appodeal.“
Thanh Nguyen
Thanh Nguyen,
CEO at NextC LLC

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