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Appodeal empowers mobile app developers and publishers of all sizes to establish and scale profitable mobile app businesses through our growth platform

Business Intelligence

Combine your User Acquisition and Product analytics onto a single dashboard:

  • build customizable user cohorts,
  • create UA events aligned with your app,
  • and forecast your LTV.
UA Campaign Management

UA Campaign Management

Spend less time managing UA campaigns and ad creatives. Analyze your results across apps, ad channels, countries, and site IDs performance metrics.

Creatives Management

Automate your ad management and test thousands of creatives every week. Choose the best ads to accelerate your app's growth.

Bid Automation

Bid manager automatically switches off campaigns with negative ROAS and lets you optimize your UA campaigns with target events.

Unbiased App Monetization

📡 Sync your Monetization data with your User Acquisition & App Analytics.
📊 Run A/B tests to achieve the highest ad revenues and connect with the top ad networks.
🚀 Take full control of your ad setup, or automatize everything with our ad autopilot.


Success Stories


x5.5 installs by scaling x3 the ad spend of a top studio in casual games

Word Maker

+20% ARPU & Zero Impact on Retention

Word Pizza

+50% ARPU by replicating the success of greater games


+65% ARPU with banner ads in a Social Card game

G2 Winter 2023
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