Getting Ready for the Accelerator Program

Follow this handy guide on running a soft launch user acquisition campaign to qualify your app for the Appodeal Accelerator Program.


It's so Awesome You've Applied for the Appodeal Accelerator Program!

We are so excited by all the applicants we've received. However, for this round we only have limited number of slots available for gaming apps we can accept into this program.

That’s why we put together this handy guide on running a soft launch user acquisition campaign that we are asking all applicants to follow and complete.

That way we can gather the metrics consistently and evaluate each app fairly for acceptance into this program.

Ultimately, the main metrics we look at will be your gaming app’s new users’ retention rates. See below for more info. Best of luck!

Here are the 4 Major Steps You Must Complete

Step 1 
Integrate Appodeal Growth SDK
Step 2 
Create a Meta Ad Account
Step 3 
Prepare Creatives for Soft Launch
Step 4 
Configure & Launch UA Campaigns


Integrate Appodeal Growth SDK

Once Appodeal is integrated and starts serving ads, we can then start collecting the relevant ad revenue performance metrics and your app’s retention rate as a part of the evaluation process.


Create a Meta Ad Account

Integrating Facebook’s SDK will make it possible for you to run soft launch UA campaigns through Facebook and see analytics related to your app.


Prepare Creatives for Soft Launch

Having strong creatives for your soft launch ads is essential for generating higher install rates. We recommend preparing 2 types of video creatives featuring the gameplay without misleading elements (i.e. no clicks baits), following the requirements below.


Configure & Launch the UA Campaigns

Now that you have your creatives ready, it is time to soft launch your UA campaign on Meta! Be sure to follow each step here carefully, especially the audience targeting. That way we can evaluate your app's metrics with data that's consistent.

What we are looking for is 300 paid installs to evaluate your metrics.

Appodeal Will Reimburse You for the Soft Launch Expenses of Up To $500!

If you complete all four of the major steps from this soft launch guide within three weeks of receiving this instruction, Appodeal will reimburse you for the soft launch expenses of up to $500!

Mini FAQ

Get ready for the Accelerator Program. Find your answers here.

Ready to Share Your Metrics?

After you've completed the four steps above, let us know by submitting the form below!

The Qualifying Metrics to Hit

After you’ve completed the four steps and submit the soft launch complete form, we will begin to observe and evaluate your app’s metrics. It could take 30 days to acquire the necessary retention rates and other relevant metrics.

To qualify for the Strategic Partnership of the Accelerator Program, we are looking for:

Casual games (Android) with:
  • Retention Rate Day 1 more than 30%
  • Retention Rate Day 7 more or equal to 12%
Or Hybid-casual games (Android) with:
  • Retention Rate Day 1 more than 35%
  • Retention Rate Day 7 more or equal to 10%

Application (utility, game of other categories) with in-app ads or hybrid monetization, the metrics of which we will also be evaluating for monetization opportunities.