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Performance Index 2022
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Discover the eCPM trends after the 2022 Privacy & Data-Sharing regulations

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After the huge challenges the mobile gaming industry —and the entire app ecosystem — faced in 2021, from the pandemic to privacy regulations and beyond, it’s been impressive to witness a continued growth from this vertical. With a 32% increase in global installs year-over-year between 2020 and 2021, we expect to see a continuation of this rise through 2022. Interestingly, subverticals which had high install numbers were also more likely to have high churn, leading to an overall median CPI of $2.18 in gaming at the end of 2021. This indicates a need for more re-engagement campaigns and close attention to campaign analytics in order to maximize ROI in 2022.

Alexandre Pham, Vice President EMEA @ Adjust

According to a research report we recently released—Ads, IAP and beyond— 93% of the gaming businesses surveyed are already using in-app ads as part of their monetization mix . . . interstitial ads, native, banner and, most of all, rewarded video. This finding suggests that, despite IDFA deprecation, there’s ongoing optimism toward in-app ads in a changing app ecosystem.

Julius Ramirez, Head of AdTech Partnerships @ Meta Audience Network

The rapidly changing user acquisition landscape (think post-IDFA) comes with challenges, especially when trying to acquire high-paying users. Adoption of the subscription model is increasing, but in-app advertising (IAA) and in-app purchase (IAP) remain the main source of revenue for app developers. Investing in a deeply integrated IAA strategy is essential for app developers. Working with platforms that can support you in different stages is key to accelerating growth.

Tanya Lee, VP Sales @ Vungle

MoPub's depreciation early this year left many publishers scrambling to test and integrate to a new mediation platform. The migration allowed developers to declutter their ad stack & test new partners for the 1st time in years. This process reminded developers that there is still ample room & time for a traditional waterfall to be effective when used alongside bidding solutions.

Gumbo Kibelloh, Head of Monetization @ A4G

The current ad ecosystem is in a state of total upheaval. Publishers & advertisers alike are reconfiguring and re-optimizing their monetization strategies in real time as things evolve. With this come great opportunities for companies that innovate well, especially for those that are really driven to solve client problems and build a better future.

Randy Barenscott, General Manager @ BidMachine

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