Mobile In-app Ad Monetization

Yearly eCPM Report

2023 Edition

We have Double-checked & Updated all our data from 2022!
Boost those eCPMs with the freshest data!

eCPM Report 2023

Revisited eCPM data of the mobile ad industry 

  • The Freshest Data — Monthly & quarterly data on 2023.
  • 18 Countries — From all continents (except Antarctica).
  • 280+ Billion Impressions — Rewarded Video, Interstitial, Banner.
  • 100.000+ Mobile Apps Analyzed — on iOS & Android.
  • 70+ Ad Demand Sources — Focus on your top performance metrics.
  • Interactive Infographics — Easily navigate through all the data.

Get ready for 2023!

Optimize your ad monetization strategy, find new audiences, and learn new ways to increase your revenues.

Yearly eCPM Report 2023 Edition

Personalize your Monetization Strategy in 3 steps!

Identify Similar Behaviors

in the different countries of your users

Create Your Markets

Where you’ve detected potential opportunities in the report
Adjust your Ad Configuration
For those markets where your metrics can improve

We’ve chosen the 18 most representative countries of all the global Markets.

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Mobile In-app Ad Monetization Yearly eCPM Report 2023 Edition