This Holidays
Enter the Appodeal

You take the Red Pill, Integrate the Appodeal SDK before December 12th & Get rewarded with $$$ Bonus!
Or you take the Blue Pill, and the growth ends.

The Red Pill: Bonus to Integrate the SDK

Integrate our SDK before December 12th, and you will get one of the following Bonuses in your Appodeal Balance Account.

Know Kung-Fu

Gives you $35!

40 remaining

Pilot Helicopters

Gives you $100!

5 remaining

There Is No Spoon

Gives you $500!

3 remaining

Enter the NEW Appodeal

In case you missed it, this 2021 we completely redesigned Appodeal! 

From an Ad Mediation tool to a full Growth Platform.

Now Appodeal includes three fully redesigned & personalizable dashboards.
We also improved our core features, and added drag&drop reports, A/B test functionalities, more ad networks, and a Business Intelligence tool for you to align your monetization & user acquisition metrics.

Appodeal is 100% ready to become your Growth Platform to self-publish your games.
Or you can opt-in to our Accelerator program: get funds, resources & a team of growth experts to help you.

Be the Chosen One

Get 1-hour Consultation

Become our chosen one & win a free 1-hour consultation with the Appodeal Growth Team. We will help you to:

  • Optimize your monetization strategy
  • Improve your UA campaigns
  • Tweak your rewarded ad units
  • Improve your overall metrics

Are you struggling to boost your casual mobile game in Android or iOS?

Speak with our Team of Growth Experts! Integrate the SDK & get the chance to ask them any questions or advice to keep growing your games.

How to Integrate the SDK


Go to your Dashboard

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Add your App or Game

Get your App-ID from App Store, Google Play or Amazon.


Integrate the Appodeal SDK

Compatible with iOS, Android, Unity, Unreal & more. Quick guides & 24/7 Live Support!

Who can participate?

New Sign Ups

New users who integrate the Appodeal SDK before December 12th are eligible to receive a Holiday Bonus.

First SDK Integrations

Do you already have an Appodeal account? Integrate for the first time the Appodeal SDK before December 12th to any of your apps & games!

Hurry Up! You only have until December 12th!

Read all the Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

The Holiday Season 2021 starts on November 22nd, 2021 to December 12th, 2021. Only the users that integrate Appodeal’s SDK between the previous dates may earn a bonus from $35 to $500. The winners will be notified in 2 to 3 weeks after the promotion has ended. The bonus will be added to their Appodeal’s account payouts.

To be eligible for the Holiday bonus, the user must have not integrated Appodeal’s SDK before, and must serve, at least, 100 ad impressions successfully.

Each bonus will be randomly assigned to a user ID that passes all the requirements the week after the end of the Holiday Season 2021. Each user can only receive one bonus. Additional SDK integrations to more than one app will not be eligible for additional bonuses. If several users add the same app & integrate the Appodeal SDK, only one of them will get a bonus.

The 1-hour consultation will be randomly assigned to a user ID that has integrated the Appodeal SDK into a mobile app that falls in the android or iOS categories of Board, Card or Word. Only one user will receive the 1-hour consultation Reward.

No purchase is necessary.

Holiday Season 2021 Bonuses
  • Bonus A: only 3 users will be eligible to receive $500.
  • Bonus B: only 5 users will be eligible to receive $100.
  • Bonus C: only 40 users will be eligible to receive $35.