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What the heck is BidMachine?

BidMachine works as an ad exchange platform that facilitates the requests and auctions of ads from DSPs (demand-side platforms) within Appodeal’s ad mediation.

Nowadays, if you visit the Appodeal dashboard, you may see one of your top performing ad networks that was not previously there, called “BidMachine”.

That’s because you probably remember seeing it previously as either “Appodeal Bidding” or “Appodeal Exchange”. Now that name has been replaced by its official name “BidMachine”. 

So what exactly is BidMachine?

BidMachine works as an ad exchange platform that facilitates the requests and auctions of ads from DSPs (demand-side platforms) within Appodeal’s ad mediation. Unlike SDK-powered ad networks, DSPs operate differently in that they require an ad exchange platform in order to manage, purchase and optimize their ad inventory programmatically. 

Next-gen programmatic DSPs, like Liftoff, Remerge, CrossInstall, Jampp, Kayzen, and Adikteev (to name a few) are all able to place their desirable ad bids through the BidMachine ad exchange. Using in-app bidding technology, DSPs, as well as programmatic ad networks, can place ad bids and compete in a real-time auction on the server-side within BidMachine. 

BidMachine’s auction selects the highest bid that then goes on to compete with bids from traditional ad networks. Whichever bids higher wins the placement. 

Ultimately, for Appodeal clients, that simply means more ad demand sources competing for their app’s ad placements, which drives up the placement’s eCPMs.

The official name “BidMachine” is now taking over “Appodeal Bidding” on Appodeal’s dashboard

Why “BidMachine” now?

As you may have read from our 2020 product roadmap blog post, we’ve developed and launched BidMachine back in 2017. At the time, it was called “AppodealX” and functioned as a native part of Appodeal. Then Appodeal grew and Stack, our parent umbrella company, was launched in 2019. 

From the feedback we receive from the market, we realized quickly that there was a need for BidMachine as a standalone product, especially among the bigger publishing companies with their own monetization setups. 

As a result, BidMachine became a separate business entity and brand in 2019. Fast forward to today, BidMachine has become a strong up-and-coming adtech player and a brand in its own right now.

That is why we think now is the perfect time to shift the current “Appodeal Bidding” name on the Appodeal dashboard to “BidMachine”. Also, by making this change, we hope it’ll provide more transparency and clarity into what BidMachine is, and how exactly it works. 

You can learn more about BidMachine and follow its latest updates on

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Wing Poon
VP of Marketing @ Appodeal

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