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Worldwide eCPM Performances for February 2020

If you're wondering how much ad revenue your app could be earning around the world, here is a snap shot of eCPM performances in February 2020.

As an ad mediation platform, we at Appodeal help mobile app developers and publishers monetizing by having over 70 top ad demand sources compete for their ad impressions. Our algorithm uses in-app bidding powered technology to evaluate all of the ad bids and serve the highest ad bid.

The report below represents the average eCPMs from the 11+ billion impressions (or winning bids) served during the month of February 2020 for each of the country around the world in which we have significant impressions data. It focuses primarily on our top 3 ad formats (rewarded videos, full-screen ads, and banner ads), broken down by iOS and Android.

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Rewarded Videos

  • On iOS, China, the 2nd highest eCPM country in January, saw a sharp decrease to the 13th highest in February. Chinese New Year in January likely added to the eCPM spike that month, while the coronavirus crisis in February likely contributed to the sharp drop. As one might expect though, the ad impressions served spiked significantly in China in February as people were quarantined indoors with lots of time to spare. The U.S. remained on top with $14.59 eCPM, a slight decrease from January ($15.37). 
In China, the ad impressions served from a sample of 15 apps more than double than usual during the peak of the coronavirus lockdown in February. This impressions increase more than made up for the eCPM decrease (due to certain advertisers limiting ad spent), resulting in net revenue increase for these apps than in typical months.
  • On Android, Australia remained in the 1st place with $11.57 eCPM (was $11.13 in January). While Japan and the U.S. swapped places since January, with the U.S. at 2nd with $10.19 eCPM and Japan 3rd with $9.40 in February. Interestingly, Australia is one, if not the only, country among the top earning ones with eCPM being higher on Android than iOS.
  • For many countries, the eCPMs on iOS tend to be 20-40% higher than on Android.
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Full-screen Ads

  • On iOS, the U.S. also remained on top with $9.56 eCPM in February (was $9.30 in January). Most countries did not see their eCPMs deviate by more than $0.50 since January, with the notable exception of China, which decreased to $4.91 eCPM (from $6.39 in January).
  • On Android, Japan, January’s top eCPM country, dropped to 2nd with $6.09 eCPM in February (was $6.64 in January). The U.S. took the top spot with $6.24 eCPM. Most of the top earning countries showed no significant eCPM changes since January.
  • In many European markets as well as Australia and New Zealand, the eCPMs on Android were actually higher than on iOS, so the conventional thinking (of eCPMs being higher on iOS than on Android) might need rethinking at least for this ad format. 
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  • On iOS, Australia came in 1st with $0.61 eCPM, followed by China at $0.56 and the U.S. at $0.51.
  • On Android, the U.S. took the top spot with $0.42 eCPM, followed by Australia at $0.40, and Switzerland at $0.40.
  • In general, the eCPMs on iOS was about 40-60% higher than on Android.

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Wing Poon
Wing Poon