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Appodeal 2.0: New Growth Intelligence to Fuel Your App's Growth

Appodeal's App Intelligence tool aligns your app’s monetization, user acquisition and attribution data all on one dashboard. You will be able to identify your top revenue drivers, increase your app’s lifetime value and retention rates, improve your overall marketing’s ROI, and more.

We have some very exciting news to share! Within the next two months, you will be experiencing Appodeal 2.0 by releasing one of Appodeal’s most major product updates: the Appodeal Growth Intelligence.

Essentially, the Growth Intelligence tool takes your app’s disparate data and connects them. This will give you the insights you need to find your app’s roadmap to profitability. 

By aligning your app’s monetization, user acquisition, and attribution data on one growth intelligence dashboard, you will be able to identify your top revenue drivers, increase your app’s lifetime value and retention rates, improve your overall marketing ROI, and more. 

Whether you are an indie developer or publisher, this tool can serve as your go-to intelligence dashboard to see the overall health of your app business and find easily which aspects could be improved, particularly regarding UA campaigns.

Why do you need a Growth Intelligence Tool?

As we know, one of the main challenges in growing a mobile app is the inefficient use of the UA budget. Simply getting more users is not enough. You need to get new users with high LTV to generate a profit over time. But finding the answers to know which specific user acquisition campaigns, channels, targeting, or creatives you should invest in to bring in more high LTV users was difficult for most app developers and publishers.

Now with the new Appodeal Growth Intelligence, it is finally easy to get the answers. Armed with this insight, you can fine-tune your UA campaign strategy and invest only in the ones that bring you positive ROAS.

In other words, you will not need to guess where to allocate your UA budget nor worry about wasting your UA spend again anymore. 

Besides answering the question of which UA strategies will result in the best LTV results for your app, the new Growth Intelligence platform also answers a wide myriad of questions related to monetization, attribution, engagement, retention, and other aspects of user acquisition. Best of all is that the Growth Intelligence dashboard can be customizable, so you conveniently see what matters most to you. 

The release of the Growth Intelligence tool marks the arrival of Appodeal 2.0. Besides monetization, Appodeal 2.0 empowers app developers and publishers with a Growth Engine tech stack designed to grow your app business.

In future posts, we will go over the neat nitty-gritty aspects of the Growth Intelligence dashboard and the wide array of use cases and answers it can provide. But for now, let’s take a quick look at the main questions this dashboard can answer.

User Acquisition Insights

Spending your budget on user acquisition campaigns can be nerve-wracking when your resource is constrained. What makes it even more challenging is not knowing which of your UA efforts generates positive returns on your ad spend. Getting your UA wrong can lead to devastating financial losses. 

Thankfully, you won’t need to place your bets with your UA budget anymore. Instead, you can now grow your users and their lifetime values with a precise data approach. By aligning your monetization and UA data, Appodeal’s Growth Intelligence dashboard will give you answers to your pressing questions, such as:

What’s the expected and forecasted lifetime value of my new users?

On the new dashboard, you can find out not only how much LTV your new users are currently generating, but also how much they are expected to earn based on their forecasted LTV. This insight gives you a more accurate look at your forecasted ROAS. You can even break down the insights based on the UA channels, ad creatives, targeted countries, and more. 

What’s driving the highest conversions for my app?

From the channels down to the creative level, you can easily find out what is giving you the best conversions, LTV, ROAS, installs, CPI, retention and more within the new dashboard.

How much return or loss am I getting from my ad spend?

By seeing where your ad spend is going and which channel and campaign is giving you the best ROI on the new dashboard, you can use this insight to better allocate your ad budget. Then you will never have to worry about wasting your ad spend again.

Where are my most valuable users coming from?

You can also find out your most effective channels and campaigns for increasing your user base and bottom line. No more guessing game.

Monetization Insights

On the flip side of the UA spend equation is your monetization. Ideally, your revenue should be higher than your UA spend. To do that you would want obviously to increase your revenue. Through the Growth Intelligence dashboard, you will be able to earn more revenue by having your data lead the way in answering questions like:

Where is my app’s revenue coming from?

On the new dashboard, you can conveniently see how much your apps are earning all in one spot. You can compare your revenue from in-app ads, in-app purchases, and subscriptions to identify opportunities for growth.

How is my in-app advertising performing?

Since ad monetization is the core of what we do, you can be sure to dive in deep to get your in-app ad’s metrics like eCPMs, fillrtaes, ARPDAU and much more. All the information about your best performance ad demand sources, geos, ad formats and others are readily available in one spot. 

Which of my user segments are bringing me more value?

You can create different ad setups for different user segments using Appodeal’s Segment feature and then compare the results. By A/B testing various monetization strategies, you can discover the optimal ones to implement for each segment.

Where should I place ads and how often should I show them?

You can also run A/B tests of your ad placement strategies and see which ones bring you the most revenue, app engagement and retention. 

App Engagement Insights

Having the perfect UA and monetization setup won’t amount to much if your app is not delighting nor retaining your users. The third key element of the Growth Intelligence dashboard is insights of your app’s engagement that uses data to answer questions such as:

How is my app’s retention rate holding up over time?

As your app grows, it would be worthwhile to find out how its retention rates of different cohort changes. That way you can track what you’ve done to acquire the cohorts with higher retention rates. On the dashboard, you can view not just the user session counts, but also the revenue and ARPU together.

How engaged are my users with my app?

On the dashboard, you can easily see your users’ session length, count and time spent per day all in one spot. Should you locate any major deviation, you can use this to pinpoint potential issues with your app.

How will this product change affect my revenue?

As you continue to develop your app, you’re going to eventually make product changes. However, before rolling it out to all users, you would want to make sure the impact on your revenue would only increase. Using the dashboard, you can A/B test any product changes to see how they affect your bottom line before rolling them out to all users.

Customizable Dashboard Built For YOU

Lastly, what makes this new Growth Intelligence dashboard so helpful is that it is customizable for you and your business needs. That means you can quickly get the answers that matter most to you without needing to spend time digging through irrelevant insights.

Seeing your app business performance at a glance

When you first open the dashboard, you will be greeted with metrics of your overall app business’ health. You can see all the revenue your apps are generating and how much you are spending on your UA expenses, which when combined shows you how much profit your business is making. You also can easily see how many new installs and users your apps are getting.

Creating your own report dashboard

Using an easy-to-use drag and drop feature, you can build granular reports with metrics that are the most relevant to you. For example, you can see analytics, such as eCPM, LTV, in-app purchases, and DAU, for only certain countries or selected apps of yours. The options are limitless. 

You can create and save as many reports as you want that you can conveniently access again at any time. 

Sounds amazing! How do I start using it?

We are so excited for the launch of Appodeal 2.0 with this new Growth Intelligence tool and we hope you are too!

While big companies have their proprietary data processing centers, along with a team of data analysts working full-time to research new ways to drive revenue, mobile app and game developers have always had a hard time to collect all their data, cross it together, and draw meaningful and actionable conclusions from their apps and games.

For these reasons, we hope this new Growth Intelligence tool will level the playing field and help empower indie devs and publishers like you.

Want to be among the first to try Appodeal 2.0? Apply to be a beta tester!

Once launched, this tool will be completely available for free to all the developers and publishers registered to Appodeal. You can also sign up for Appodeal today to be the first to know once it's launched!

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