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Full control

Unlock +70 Ad Networks and take advantage of an unbiased ad mediation.

How to detect ARPU variations before it's too late SM

Grow Revenue

Earn more revenue with Automated Ad Waterfalls & In-App Bidding.

Instant Payouts

Get paid monthly or in advance, even in cryptocurrencies.




Quick SDK Integration 50 minutes Several hours
Transparent & Unbiased 100% ??
Ad Formats Yes Yes (except native ads)
Ad Waterfall Control Yes Yes
In-App Bidding Yes Yes
Instant Payouts Yes No
24/7 Live Support Yes No
Advanced Reports Yes Yes
Business Intelligence Yes No
Media Buying Automation Yes No
LTV Forecasting Yes No
A/B Testing Unlimited Limited
User Segmentation Unlimited Yes

How do we Maximize your Revenue?

1. The SDK sends your Ad Requests

We deliver them to over 70 Ad Demand Sources

2. We Gather all the Ad Bids

And make them compete in Hybrid In-App Bidding + Waterfall auctions

3. You always get the Highest Bid

And your Ad Revenue always stays at its maximum potential.

Growth Intelligence

Start growing your revenue

Everything your apps need to become top earning hits

Autopilot Ad monetization

In-App Bidding & Ad Waterfall control

High Earning Programmatic Ads

Advanced Reporting & Personalized Insights

A/B Testing for Segments & Ad Units

Precise Targeting & Frequency Controls


Kudos to IronSource!

We have great respect for all the Ad Tech Companies, like IronSource. We are proud to work with them, and include IronSource in our mediation stack of +70 Ad Networks.

Appodeal approaches the growth of your app & games in a different way. Our motto is “Publishers & Developers First”, and we offer you a scalable alternative to IronSource and an all-in-one growth platform.

Success Stories

Increasing x5 installs & 300% income: The success of Join Blocks

Raising LTV by disabling an aggressive network

Increasing x5 installs & 300% income: The success of Join Blocks

+20% ARPU & Zero Impact on Retention

Millions From Scratch: Mobile business with NewPubCo’s Spades

Dominoes: increasing total income 4.3x times

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